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What’s Up With This One, Bob?

September 21, 2011


A few weeks ago Bob Berwyn over at Summit County kindly informed us that Roy Spencer’s recent paper on the role of clouds in the Earth’s climate was “flawed”. It actually turned out that Bob did not know why it was flawed but had read that it was in some blog or other.

Now Dr Richard Allan of the University of Reading has published a new paper “Combining satellite data and models to estimate cloud radiative effect at the surface and in the atmosphere”  which pretty much comes to the same conclusions as Spencer and Braswell.

Both papers conclude that clouds on balance have a large net cooling effect by blocking incoming solar radiation and increasing radiative cooling outside the tropics.

Both papers add weight to Lindzen and Choi (2011) which found that existing models are exaggerating climate sensitivity.

Still, Bob, I expect the Beano knows better.

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