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Global Warming in the Bristol Channel

September 22, 2011


The arch global warming fanatic Tony Robinson was at it again on Time Team last night. They were digging up some beach on the edge of the Bristol Channel that had 8000 years ago been a salt marsh, looking for neolithic remains. As is the way with beaches there is a tendency for the sea to gradually wash away the sand and mud.


“Why” asks Tony “is there now a danger of these neolithic finds being washed away when they have been here for thousands of years?”

The visibly embarrassed local archaeologist mumbles in reply something about “climatic warming”.

Perhaps someone needs to tell Tony that temperatures 8000 years ago were MUCH WARMER than they are now.


As for sea level, it has been steadily rising for thousands of years. 8000 years ago sea levels in the Bristol Channel were nearly 4 meters lower. This rather puts into perspective the 7” rise since 1900.

And in 1607 the famous Bristol Channel floods which killed thousands of people  sent flood water inland up to 8 meters above sea level.



They had real things to worry about in those days.

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