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BBC Explain Latest Spate Of Tornadoes

April 15, 2012

By Paul Homewood


I am not often complimentary about the BBC, but they have a video on today that explains, in very simple terms, what has caused the latest outbreak of tornadoes in the US. (And no mention of global warming!)


Thank you.

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  1. April 16, 2012 4:32 am

    Consider my gast well and truly flabbered. What next? Admitting that the recent RSPB survey of bird populations that found that “wind turbines don’t kill birds” is flawed because it didn’t actually count dead birds? Because it didn’t actually include raptors, which is what I and enlightened and concerned “greenies” worldwide are worried about? Because the RSPB openly favours wind turbines and is actually installing them at many of its so-called “bird sanctuaries? Because the “P” in RSPB stands for protection not persecution?

    I’ll believe the BBC is changing when it gives that smarmy little prat Brian “Wonders of the Universe” Cox the order of the boot. He who believes in the “consensus” without examining the evidence, and maintains that “sceptics” of global warming/climate change shouldn’t be given ANY airtime whatsoever.

    I enjoyed that series very much. It was only later that he “came out”, revealing his prejudices and closed mind. He’s not my favourite person on the Beeb.

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