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November 13, 2012

By Paul Homewood



Another one of the attendees at the infamous BBC Seminar in 2006, as discovered by Maurizio Morabito, was Tessa Tennant, Chair of an outfit called ASrIA, ( The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia ).


According to their website :-


ASrIA is a Hong Kong based not-for-profit membership association dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and responsible investment (SRI) in the Asia Pacific. ASrIA aims to build market capacity for responsible investing by fostering the creation of SRI products and services and providing training and support services, including conferences, seminars, workshops, research projects and publications. ASrIA members are drawn from the Asian and international financial services industry who work to build momentum and raise the standards for SRI practice in Asia and beyond.

ASrIA’s goal is to build market capacity for SRI. We provide insightful, up to date and accessible information on the development of SRI in Asia and globally. We have also become the platform for different sectors within the community to exchange information and perspectives on SRI, and to take practice forward.

ASrIA has taken a leadership role in promoting sustainable investment in Asia since our founding in 2001. ASrIA has run conferences, seminars and workshops, and published wide-ranging research on SRI issues. ASrIA has also created a very wide network of organizations and individuals interested in the broad range of policy issues and investment strategies which are essential to the implementation of SRI in Asia. ASrIA’s website,, is the primary resource for SRI in Asia, attracting over 15,000 hits per day and over 6,000 subscribers to our regular e-bulletin.


This, no doubt, all sounds very worthy, but a look at their membership list rather suggests that monetary considerations are first, second and third amongst their priorities:-




Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited
AddVenture Advisers
ANZ Banking Group
Australian Ethical Investment Ltd


Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Bank Sarasin & Co. Ltd
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Limited
Bloomberg L.P.
BNP Paribas
Boston Common Asset Management
Business for Social Responsibility


Calvert Group Limited
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Chubb Speciality Insurance
Climate Asia Pte Ltd
CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets
COzero Pty Limited
Credit Suisse Group


Eco-Frontier Co.
EIRIS (Experts in Responsible Investment Solutions)
Equilibrium Capital Group, LLC


F&C Asset Management Plc
First State Investments


Generation Investment Management
Good Bankers Co., Ltd.


Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited
HSBC Global Asset Management


Impax Asset Management Group plc
International Finance Corporation
Item Industries Ltd


Lloyd George Management




New Forests Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Nexus Asia Investment Management Pte Ltd
Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd.


Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd
PIRC Limited (Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Ltd)


RepuTex Asia Limited


SAM Group
Sanctuary Resorts
Sindicatum Sustainable Resources
South Pole Carbon Asset Management Company Ltd
Standard Chartered
STOXX Limited
Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
Sustainalytics Pte Ltd


Trucost PLC


Universities Superannuation Scheme Ltd


Vietnam Holding Asset Management Ltd.


I wonder what the BBC learnt about climate science from this lot?

  1. November 13, 2012 1:35 pm

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  2. tckev permalink
    November 13, 2012 11:51 pm

    Reports from February 2010 at

    Guess what? The man responsible for looking after the fat pensions of the boys and girls at the BBC is a climate change fanatic, and he is part of an international group of investment managers who bust a gut to invest in ‘climate change’ schemes. He’s called Peter Dunscombe, and he runs the £8.2bn corporation pension fund, advising trustees on a day-to-day basis about their investments. Mr Dunscombe, who addresses conferences about ‘ethical investments’, is also chairman of the Institutional Investment Group on Climate Change(IIGCC), which has 47 members and manages four trillion euros’ worth of investments; yes, four trillion. Their goal is to find as many ‘climate change’ investment opportunities as possible:

    The IIGCC Investor Statement on Climate change was launched in October 2006. Asset owners and asset managers who signed the Statement committed to increasing their focus on climate change in their own processes and in their engagement with companies and governments.

    So now we really know why BBC staffers are so fanatical about ‘climate change’. It’s naked self-interest. In 2008, there were 18,736 contributors to the BBC pension fund; every man jack of them benefits from climate alarmism.

    (h/t anonymous eagle-eyed B-BBC contributor)

    Update: I’ve been going through the latest BBC Pensions Trust report, and it reveals that Helen Boaden, who is the overall boss of the BBC’s news and current affairs operation, was appointed to the trust in 2008. So the woman who tells environment reporters such as Roger Harrabin and Richard Black that the science is settled also works to maximise the returns of the pension fund with Peter Dunscombe. I thought that needed spelling out fully, just in case any subtleties might be missed.


  3. Brian H permalink
    November 14, 2012 6:44 am

    SRI = capturing public and private locked-in financing flows for our Green Energy Cabal (GEC).

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