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GISS Make USA Change Colour

November 30, 2012
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By Paul Homewood




In 1999, James Hansen included the above map in his paper, Hansen et al 1999, showing temperature trends between 1950 and 1998. The bottom map, which is after urban adjustments, is the one to key in on.

Now compare the USA portion on that map with the current version on the GISS website.




In the earlier version, most of the country was blue, indicating a drop in temperature of up to a degree. The latest version shows that, in that same area, temperatures have effectively not changed between 1950 and 1998, courtesy of Jim’s Magic Marker.

(It is also noticeable that, in other parts of the world, tampering has also been going on. For instance, parts of South America and West Africa).


And they call it science.

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