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Gummer’s Hypocrisy

December 31, 2012

By Paul Homewood





As we found out the other day, John Gummer, now Lord Deben, is a Council Member at the World Future Council, or WFC, according to their website.

The WFC strongly believe in social justice, saying that “fair shares and fair burdens would be a matter of justice between all humans living” and want “an equitable sharing of resources and benefits of economic, scientific and technological progress. “


One of their seven principles is “Equity and Poverty Eradication”. This states:-




All good socialist stuff, of course, but where does Gummer stand in all of this? After all, he is not exactly short of a bob or two.

During 2009, the last full year that he was an MP, he declared several sources of income in the Parliamentary Register of Interests. (As a peer, he now no longer has to declare income, only the work he does).


Source Amount Hours/week Annualised Amount £K
Sancroft – Chairman £13750/qtr 3 55
Veolia – Chairman £3562/month 0.5 43
Valpak – Chairman £4185/month 1 50
IFA – Chairman £2083/month 1 25
Sovereign Reversions £1666/month 0.5 20
Systema Hals – Director £15741/pa 6 16
IPC – Articles £330/article 2 17
Reed Business – Articles £500/article 1 6
TOTAL 15 232


(Interestingly, Gummer resigned as a director of Systema Hals in December 2009. Compared to the other jobs, it must have been too much like hard work and too little pay!)


And while Gummer was coining it in from all these part time jobs, he was, of course, on the public payroll as MP for Suffolk. Since standing down as an MP in 2010, Gummer was sent to the House of Lords, as Lord Deben, where he will be paid attendance allowances and expenses, in addition to a sizeable, inflation linked pension from his time as MP.

His current register of interests in the House of Lords shows little change since 2009. Only the Sovereign Reversions and Systema Hals have been dropped, and are replaced by two more directorships. On top of this, of course, is his Chairmanship of the Committee on Climate Change, for which he receives £1000/day.


As with all champagne socialists, fairness and equity is fine, as long as it is other peoples’ money you are giving away.

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  1. Brian H permalink
    February 9, 2013 10:16 am

    A less qualified or impartial candidate for the position would be hard to find. Any suggestions?

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