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Gummer’s Carbon Footprint

January 29, 2013

By Paul Homewood


Key role: John Gummer who helps decide the future size of energy bills iis chairman of a company that stands to benefit from his Government work


As Chairman of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, the politician formerly known as John Gummer, has the following priorities:-


  • Provide independent advice to Government on setting and meeting carbon budgets and targets.
  • Monitor progress in reducing emissions and achieving carbon budgets.
  • Conduct independent research and analysis into climate change.
  • Engage with  representatives interested in climate change from across the UK in order to share research and information on climate change and gain input into our analysis.

These policies will, of course, be immensely expensive for UK citizens. On the governments own figures, meeting CO2 targets will cost more than £18bn pa.

Gummer could, of course, start by significantly reducing his own carbon footprint, so here are a few suggestions:-



1) His mansion in Suffolk, below, looks as if it has an Al Gore size footprint. So he could start by moving into a nice semi-detached, say in sunny Rochdale, and letting it out (rent free, naturally – fairness, equity and all that) to a couple of hundred of homeless people.


Interests: Lord Deben's Suffolk grange home. He has insisted his company did not energy-related business and only dealt with water–paid-1-750-PER-HOUR.html


2) As President of Globe International, the worldwide environmental outfit for national legislators, he might persuade them not to hold another jolly like the one they all enjoyed in Rio last June, and which was attended by more than 300 politicians from 86 countries, all travelling, no doubt, business class.

(Indeed, it was reported in 2011, that Globe had spent £500,000 in the previous year flying its supporters club class to various summits.)

Maybe a video conference instead next time would help.

3) He might also consider donating the £1000/day, he earns as Chairman of the CCC, to worthwhile projects, such as insulating the houses of old age pensioners, who cannot afford to heat them thanks to the government’s CO2 strategy. Ditto, the £200K+  he makes each year from a collection of part time posts (built up while he was supposedly working as an MP), in addition to the extremely generous pension he receives, courtesy of the taxpayer.

4) Sell your car/cars and buy a bike. (In 2007, just after he had written the Tories new Greenprint, he was challenged as to why he owned three cars, including a seven seater 4×4. He replied that they were essential for his Suffolk constituency! I doubt whether much has changed.)

In any event, there will be no need for a car in Rochdale – its wheels will disappear the first night he leaves it out.


Or is carbon reduction just for the little people?


Update on WFC activities.

On checking the WFC website on Saturday, I noticed that Gummer’s name had disappeared from the list of Council Members. (Fortunately I have copies of the original web pages, both printed and on the Wayback machine.)

Curious, I contacted the WFC who informed me that Gummer had resigned “ they think in December”. He may, by coincidence, have resigned just before I ran the first post on 26th December, and they may have been slow updating their website. Alternatively, he may have got out afterwards.

Either way, it makes no real difference. If he supports the WFC policies, which he presumably does, he is not a suitable Chairman of the CCC.

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  1. John F. Hultquist permalink
    January 29, 2013 11:02 pm

    Using the link to ‘mailonsunday’ just under the mansion photo, I see a headline that the poor Lord was paid “£1,750 PER HOUR” for wind turbine power. More on this issue might be interesting. Is it true? Is he providing anything other than the land? Did he pay for the equipment? Unlikely. What is likely is that the company is paying for his name and support of government programs that support alternative energy schemes. Does anyone know?

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