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Global Temp Updates–Jan 2013

March 3, 2013


By Paul Homewood



HADCRUT figures are finally out for January, which has been a strange month, to say the least.


January 2013 0.44 0.51 0.43 0.61
Change from last month 0.34 0.30 0.16 0.17
12 month running average 0.23 0.21 0.45 0.58
Average 2003-12 0.24 0.19 0.47 0.58










Both surface sets show moderate increases, which, nevertheless, do not fully cancel out the drops in December. As a result, January anomalies remain well below the figures during the autumn, and close to the average for the whole of 2012. Current values also remain close to the 10 year average.

In contrast though, the satellite sets show much larger increases. My layman’s guess, that the loss of heat from the surface in December (and therefore rapid cooling) had logically pushed the heat upwards into the atmosphere, may not have been so far off the mark!

Roy Spencer has linked the atmospheric warming to a sharp drop in ocean temperatures – see here. There are indications from the AMSU satellite that much of the tropospheric warming has already been reversed during February, though it will likely be March before the full effect is noticed.

Nevertheless, indications are that UAH anomalies will fall back to about 0.30C, i.e where they were in November.


Meanwhile, to get a bit of perspective, NOAA announce that January 2013 was the 9th highest January on record. Or, to put it another way, the 6th coldest this century!


ScreenHunter_57 Mar. 03 14.41

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  1. Paul permalink
    March 3, 2013 4:47 pm

    Can’t remember if I’ve posted this guys’ channel before but He posts updates every day. Solar weather, earthquakes, World weather and his theories therein. Here’s a taster:

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