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Leading Glaciologist Finds That LIA Was Global

March 16, 2013

By Paul Homewood



Geographer Jean Groves was one of the leading experts on glaciers and climate change in the second half of the 20thC. Her work culminated in the publication of “The Little Ice Age” in 1988.

This represented years of painstaking research reconstructing the history of glacial fluctuations around the world over the course of the last millenium. She was, perhaps, ahead of her time in questioning the existence of globally synchronous climate changes and was certainly working in the field of climate history long before it became the popular subject that it is today. Her research brought together evidence from a wide variety of sources, including those from dendroclimatology, ice cores and speleothems. But as well as these natural‚ proxy records, she was amongst the first researchers to recognise the wealth of evidence available in archival material worldwide, such as Norwegian tax records to examine the impact of glacial advances on farmers in marginal upland areas. The results of her research showed that natural climate fluctuations during the last millennium had been much greater than previously believed.


Many of today’s glaciologists still regard the book as the preeminent reference work on the subject.


There are some quotes regarding the LIA from her book below, that are still particularly relevant.




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ScreenHunter_59 Mar. 16 17.34



ScreenHunter_59 Mar. 16 17.41


Jean Grove was absolutely clear, both the MWP and LIA were global events.

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