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Antarctic Sea Ice Still Way Above Normal

April 26, 2013

By Paul Homewood





Antarctic sea ice extent continues to run well above normal levels, and has even been above last year’s high level for the last two months. The average anomaly for March was the second highest since 1979, with only 2008 being greater, as shown below. Since 1979, extent has been increasing at a rate of 4% per decade.





Sea ice area is also well above normal at 6.243 million sq km, 12% above the 1979-2008 mean of 5.558.






  1. tckev permalink
    April 27, 2013 6:54 am

    Just wait till September when all the wailing and gnashing of teeth* will start. Every melting cubic inch will herald a major significance of future disaster, when it is historically known that great polar meltings have happened before. 200years ago and during the end of the second world war. Somehow the polar bears have survived.

    Click to access arctic-explorers.pdf

    I wonder if the usual types will tell me that I’m quoting anecdotal evidence and that doesn’t count. To which I reply, you either –
    1. Research it yourself to find out how valid it is then submit a peer-reviewed paper on the subject.
    2. Admit that disinterested persons (wrt climate), although not scientific experts were credible witnesses for what was seen, and accurately wrote up the ships logs.

    (*no teef! Teeth will be provided)


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