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UK To Expect Warm Cold In 21stC

September 29, 2013

By Paul Homewood




The UK Met Office seem to have been so underwhelmed by the latest IPCC offering, that it can’t even fill up a page on its website.

Despite its scary headline, the only reference it makes to the UK is:


For the UK, the report projects a decline in the Atlantic Meridional Circulation (AMOC) – the conveyor of warm water, the Gulf Stream, which keeps our climate mild. However, although any weakening in the AMOC may reduce warming here, relative to elsewhere, it would not be enough to counter the inexorable rise in temperature as a result of increasing greenhouses gases. The AR5 report shows that even under a scenario for the future with extensive measures to mitigate global CO2 emissions, the UK is still projected to warm over the course of the century.


It offers no idea of exactly by how much “warming would be countered”, but it appears that many of the Met’s own alarmist predictions may now be grossly overblown, even under IPCC assumptions.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to go to Blackpool for your holidays in 2050, I’d advise you to still pack your fleece!

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