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Southern Hemisphere Temperatures Declining Since 2001

November 18, 2013

By Paul Homewood


I ran a post yesterday showing how,on GISS figures, the Northern Hemisphere, excluding the Arctic, has been cooling since 2001. The trends are based on standard least squares, so are not solely reliant on start year.

To complete the picture, I can show that the trend is also falling for the Southern Hemisphere.




A couple of junk scientists tell us that, because parts of the (warming) Arctic aren’t being measured, global temperatures are really going up after all.

We already know this is utter nonsense, because GISS infill all of the Arctic with 1200 km smoothing , AND STILL CANNOT FIND ANY WARMING.

The truth is actually the total opposite of what the junk scientists claim. Outside the Arctic, the world has been cooling. Given that the Arctic warming is based on, at the best, guesstimates, I suggest we should be more concerned by global cooling, which would be far more damaging than any warming we may see.


I have to ask the question though – how is it that such obvious junk science is allowed to pass peer review and be published? There can be little doubt that the power of money has utterly corrupted climate science.

  1. LIz permalink
    November 18, 2013 7:21 am

    I have just about finished reading “Into the Dustbin: Rajendra Pachauru, the climate report and the Nobel Peace Prize” by Donna Laframboise which explains the way the IPCC organises peer reviews. It is compelling reading.

  2. November 18, 2013 7:45 am

    Of course the world is cooling, that’s what happens (I think) when the ice caps melt.

    Put water (at room temperature) in a glass and add a couple of cubes of ice. The water gets cooler as the ice melts. Same thing happening to our environment.

    I love all the climate change arguments, they provide plenty of material for my cartoons.



  3. Brian H permalink
    November 18, 2013 8:12 am

    No, Mick, that would happen only if the oceans and atmosphere warmed enough first. Melting sucks great quantities of heat energy.
    Yoose confoose.

  4. November 18, 2013 10:09 am

    I’m confused, obviously temperatures have risen because we weren’t measuring properly.

    “The Independent Monday 18 November
    Exposed: Myth of the global warming ‘pause’
    The apparent ‘flatlining’ in global warming, much cited by climate change sceptics, is explained by the failure to record temperature rises in the Arctic – which have been dramatic, a new study shows.”

    But according to these folks we were measuring properly, it’s just that the heat tunnelled into the deep oceans. Are they just making it up as they go along??

    “1st November
    If any climate change model is showing a temperature stabilization or decline, it is because the ocean has been absorbing that heat, according to a Rutgers University scientist’s recent work.”

    And from Real Climate
    “What ocean heating reveals about global warming
    25 September 2013
    The heat content of the oceans is growing and growing. That means that the greenhouse effect has not taken a pause and the cold sun is not noticeably slowing global warming.”

    • November 18, 2013 7:45 pm

      Yea the alarmists are getting desperate. First they say the missing heat has dived to the deepest oceans then they try to tell us they were simply incompetent all along and they have now found it in the Arctic.

      These people really do think the public are fools.

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