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Germany To Open Four More Coal Power Stations This Year

April 7, 2014
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By Paul Homewood



RWE’s new lignite power station opened in Neurath in 2012


BDEW, the German Energy Producers Association, have just published their annual list of new power stations being built, or in planning. The list shows that a further four coal power stations are due to commission this year.

Along with the four opened, at Neurath, Boxberg, Walsum and Lunen, in the last two years, and a further six in planning, this will mean there should be 14 new coal power plants running by 2020.

The combined capacity of the 14 plants is 14.5GW, which will be capable of supplying about 19% of Germany’s total power requirement of 575TWh (based on 2012 stats from the IEA).

I addition there are another 24 gas fired power plants, due by 2020, which can supply a further 17%.

These numbers will, of course, be additional to power supplied by existing fossil fuel plants, even though some of these may shut in due course.



Germany’s pressing need for fossil fuel power is abundantly clear, as the IEA statistics for electricity generation in 2012 show.


  TWh %
Fossil Fuels 343.9 59.8
Nuclear 94.1 16.3
Renewables 137.9 23.9
TOTAL 575.9,&syid=2007&eyid=2012&unit=BKWH


Despite throwing billions of subsidies at renewables, they still only account for 23%, and that heavily intermittent. In order to replace the nuclear capacity, the only realistic solution is to expand fossil fuel capacity.




Carbon Storage

It is also worth pointing out that none of these power stations will be built with Carbon Capture & Storage, as there is no legal requirement for this in Germany. By contrast, in the UK, all new coal power stations, or “significant extensions”, must have CCS fitted, even though it does not yet exist as a technology on a commercial scale.

The UK government is desperate to get CCS up and running, in the hope that it will dig them out of the mess they have set themselves by overreliance on intermittent renewables. DECC have set aside £1bn to develop CCS technology, and have selected two projects at Peterhead and Drax to attempt to move things forward, albeit with no guarantee that it will be successful.

Progress, however, is slow. The White Rose project at Drax is the only coal plant, and is not even due to submit an application till the end of this year, whilst the Peterhead project is even further back.

It is unlikely we will see any contribution from CCS in this decade, even if it works.






Operator Location MW Date Due Status
EnBW Karlsruhe 874 2014 In Construction
GDF Wilhelmshaven 800 2014 In Construction
E.ON Datteln 1052 n/a In Construction
RWE Hamm 1528 2014 In Construction
Vattenfall Hamburg 1640 2014 In Construction
GKM Mannheim 911 2015 In Construction
MIBRAG Profen 660 2020 A/W Approval
RWE Niederaussem 1100 n/a A/W Approval
GETEC Buttel 800 n/a A/W Approval
Dow Stade 840 n/a A/W Approval$file/140407%20BDEW%20Kraftwerksliste.pdf

  1. J Martin permalink
    April 7, 2014 5:43 pm

    All of which makes Drax’s change to even more destructive and wasteful wood chips a pointless gesture. I do so hope Drax runs into severe fuel (wood chip) supply problems.

  2. cornwallwindwatch permalink
    April 7, 2014 6:44 pm

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch.

  3. Retired Dave permalink
    April 7, 2014 8:03 pm

    J Martin – yes Drax will start up another series of unintended (though totally foreseeable) consequences. The price of wood for wood burning stoves is already on the rise.

    I signed this petition (below) sometime ago and by co-incidence an email I received today had this text as its “signature” at the end.


    Burning subsidised , timber based biomass to create electricity and heat is by far the biggest threat to long term sustainability for all industries using wood based panels. Inevitably we will see further price increases in MDF and Particleboard. Please visit

    For an update on proposed action through the House of Commons, please visit http:/ Our website also has up to date information.

    **********************There was an image here ******************

    Stop Burning our trees!

    We think it’s wrong to chop down UK trees and burn them in power stations – it emits more CO2 not less, it makes electricity more expensive, it will make wood products more expensive, it will export jobs and manufacturing and we don’t have enough trees!

    To lend your voice to the campaign and put pressure on the Government to review their policies sign the petition at the link below.


    I would ask people to visit this website and add their voice to all those shouting down a long dark tunnel already.

  4. winter37 permalink
    April 7, 2014 10:51 pm

    Regarding CCS.On Aug.21,1986,at Lake Nyos in Cameroon,a large bubble of CO2 bubbled to the surface,and as it is heavier than air in concentrated form,it moved downhill into the local village ,and killed 1700 people along with 3500 livestock.
    The current plan for Drax is to run a 70km pipeline thru. East Yorkshire to the North Sea.Any leak of the compressed CO2 will obviously have devastating consequences.It also becomes a 70km long terrorist target.
    Time to get out the gasmasks is it Mr. Davey.


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