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Massive Increase In Tourism Developments In Maldives

August 16, 2014

By Paul Homewood  


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Unconcerned by warnings that they will be under water any time soon, the Maldives Govt has been out banging the drum for foreign investment. In April, they held their Maldives Investment Forum in Singapore. The Ministry of Tourism reported:


25th April 2014 at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The main objective of this forum was to increase attractiveness of the Maldives as a destination stepping into a new era of investments.

In his closing remarks, His Excellency Minister of Tourism Honorable Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor  explained that information on investment opportunities in other fields other than tourism had been given to the investors and that the feedback they received was good as well. He also said that the government would now approach investors without waiting for them to come to the Maldives.

His Excellency the President of Maldives, Mr. Yameen Abdul Gayoom, several Cabinet Ministers and other top level government officials also attended the Investment Forum.


 In the same month, the President and his Minister of Tourism visited Japan. Again from the Ministry of Tourism:


During His Excellency the President of Maldives, Honorable Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s official visit to Japan, on the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, His Excellency was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Honorable Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor.

During his visit, the President met the Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe. In the President’s speech, he highlighted that Japan continues to be the biggest bilateral donor in development.

The President also met business leaders and potential investors in Japan with a view of further expanding economic opportunities for Maldives in Japan. Furthermore, the President also met the members of Japan-Maldives Parliamentarians Friendship League.


The reality is that the Maldives are in the middle of a huge expansion of their tourist industry. Their Tourism Year Book for 2013 has some interesting and revealing information, for instance this on Resort/Hotel projects under way.









Total bed capacity in 2012 was 28120, so an extra 10700 equates to an extra 38%, a massive increase. And between 2008 and 2012, another 4656 beds had already been added.




Meanwhile, the Maldives Govt is still trying to lease out atolls for new development, such as Kaafu.




Most of the money needed to fund these developments comes from abroad, with much, no doubt, from Asian investors. Are we really expected to believe that these investors are stupid enough to throw millions of pounds away on projects that will soon be swamped by the sea?


Back in 2012, the then President of the Maldives, Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, gave the game away.




President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik today said though Maldives faces the dangers of climate change, the country would not be submerged in the Indian Ocean.

Speaking to Sri Lankan businessmen this morning during his current visit to Sri Lanka, President stressed that Maldives can be sustained through efforts to avert the dangers of climate change.
"First of all, I want give you a bit of good news. The good news is that the Maldives is not about to disappear," President Waheed said countering the claims by his predecessor that the Maldives would be be completely submerged in the near future.
He added that foreign investors were concerned with the talks of a submerged Maldives.
He further vowed to work to retain investor confidence in the Maldives.



But none of this will stop the Maldives passing the begging bowl around for climate reparations, or gullible liberal politicians in the West falling for it.

  1. jimash1 permalink
    August 17, 2014 12:17 am

    This room is available

    And some of the more common lodgings

    The whole attraction is that it is underwater to start with,

  2. BrianJay permalink
    August 17, 2014 10:00 am

    Some comparisons might help here. The Maldives has 10 airports, of which 4 are international and encompasses 298km^2 of which 99% is water. The Isle of Wight has an area of 384 km^2 of which none is water. It has two airports which are private and if you want to land anything you have to apply in advance.

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