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Scientists Discover It Gets Cold In Winter

October 28, 2014

By Paul Homewood  




The appallingly poor Geoffrey Lean rehashes more junk science, which claims that extreme cold winters are due to global warming. The study by Masato Mori, which he refers to, seems to have been knocking around since at least April, but, hey, this is Lean we are talking about!


The first point to note is that the study is solely based on models. But is there any evidence that winters are getting colder?


Certainly not in the UK.




The coldest winter in recent years was 2009/10, yet this only ranks seventh coldest since 1910.


Julia Slingo, in her analysis of the winter of 2010/11, concluded


“The season lies near the central sector of the temperature distribution and would therefore be an average season.”



What about the US? Well, according to NOAA’s Climate Extremes Index, extremely cold winters have barely registered in the last decade, even last winter.

(I should point out that this index is based on temperatures which have been heavily adjusted by NOAA themselves – perhaps Lean knows something we don’t!)





And the rest of the NH?




Can’t see much in the way of extreme winters there!



Readers may recall that it was the woeful Geoffrey Lean who reported Sir David King as saying that Antarctica would soon be the only habitable continent. Years later, King decided that he never actually said this.

We are still waiting for one of them to hold their hand up and admit their bungle.





Maybe one day, researchers will do a study on why Geoffrey Lean simply rehashes any old junk he is fed, instead of checking the facts himself.

  1. saveenergy permalink
    October 28, 2014 6:22 pm

    “Scientists Discover It Gets Cold In Winter”

    Good that’s what we pay them for – man has been around for 250,000 yrs without discovering that on our own.

    We used to think 1,000s of people died of hypothermia, but ‘Scientists’ have now lifted the scales from our eyes, it was from the cold, how stupid we simple folk are!!

    I think these ‘Scientists’ should be rewarded with a 5yr field trip to a Siberian gulag where they can study cold at first hand.

  2. October 28, 2014 7:11 pm

    Remember: 2014-88 = 1926 is where we are at.
    So 2-3 years from now it could get really very cold? (USA)
    it already was fairly cold there last year…..
    CET is warmer whilst the earth is cooling.

    • October 28, 2014 10:58 pm

      I agree, but you are maybe 5 to 10 yrs too soon.

      Think AMO!

      • October 30, 2014 5:12 pm

        On this type of [weather forecast] analysis, an error of five years is fine,
        but 10 years is too much?
        It has to do with the situation of the planets and if they all arrive in time to switch the sun back from decreasing (solar) polar strengths to increasing polar strengths.
        I wrote about this in my final report:

        : I never thought that they (the planets) could hold a key to our life here on earth. Note that an a-c curve consists of 4 quadrants, for each full wave. In my best fit, I saw that each quadrant has a time span of about 22 years, on average. In the paper that I quoted earlier from William Arnold, he suggests that it is mainly the position of the two planets Saturn and Uranus that can be directly linked to the (Hale) 22 year solar cycle. I looked at this again. At first the dates did not make sense.

        Observe from my a-c curves:
        1) change of sign: (from warming to cooling and vice versa) : 1904, 1950, 1995, 2039

        2) maximum speed of cooling or warming = turning points: 1927, 1972, 2016

        Then I put the dates of the various positions of Uranus and Saturn next to it:

        1) we had/have Saturn synodical with Uranus (i.e. in line with each other): 1897, 1942, 1988, 2032

        2) we had complete 180 degrees opposition between Saturn and Uranus: 1919, 1965, 2009,

        In all 7 of my own results & projections, there is an exact 7 or 8 years delay, before “the push/pull ” occurs, that appears to switch the dynamo inside the sun, changing the sign or direction of warming….!!!! Conceivably the gravitational pull of these two planets has some special lob sided character, causing the actual switch. Perhaps Uranus’ apparent side ward motion (inclination of equator by 98 degrees) works like a push-pull trigger. Either way, there is a clear correlation. Other synodical cycles of planets appear to have some interference as well, either shortening or extending the normal cycle times a little bit. So it appears William Arnold’s report was right after all….(“On the Special Theory of Order”, 1985,

        Click to access arnold_theory_order.pdf


        Of course, William Arnold’s report was written before they started with the CO2 nonsense, trying to blame people for climate change…

  3. diogenese2 permalink
    October 28, 2014 7:24 pm

    In passing – David king never did say this but reading his testimony to a commons select committee it is clear that he provided for this sort of inference to be drawn by the analytically challenged (i.e. Geoffrey Lean and members of the committee). Why otherwise mention the Eocene and the PETM , about which he was singularly inaccurate. 30m years before the formation on the Antarctic ice sheet.
    This might explain the apparent tardiness in refuting the MSM activity. No “bungle” has been admitted because there wasn’t one.

  4. Sparks permalink
    October 28, 2014 11:16 pm

    We’ve had bitterly cold winters with heavy snowfall recently around the northern hemisphere, tho it hasn’t been registered due to all the fiddling going on and the fact that alarmists are playing a type of tug of war with their back peddling and excuses for the failure of all their wildly alarming Anthropogenic global warming claims.

    Still… It does not mean that these winters were caused by anything other than natural variation, which is actually a more powerful metric than CO2 could ever be on a planetary scale. This has been proven years ago by the fact that mars has a thin atmosphere comprised of mostly CO2 and its seasons are twice as long as earths, this means that its seasons receive twice as much sunlight as earth does yet the planet remains colder due to orbital and pressure differences, it is not cold because of CO2 and it is not kept warm by the amount of CO2 either.

    What the alarmists contortionists will be twisting their warming story into next to fit their wacky theories, is that mars is actually cold caused by the CO2 warming that planet up.

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