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NOAA Get Another Forecast Right (Not!)

January 14, 2015

By Paul Homewood





Last April, the “experts” at NOAA were warning that the southeastern Colorado , (the Arkansas Valley), was heading for another Dust Bowl era.


Based at Colorado State University, Nolan Doesken is the Colorado State Climatologist, and he has monitored the ongoing drought in the southeastern portion of the state since it developed in 2010. On April 6, 2014, The Denver Post reported Doesken’s observation that the Arkansas Valley had now endured the driest continuous period in the recorded data, in some ways exceeding the conditions experienced during the Dust Bowl.

A dust storm swallows the horizon near Pueblo, Colorado, on June 3, 2013.



Meanwhile, back in the real world:



cag_[ Divisional PMDI Values (Dec 2014) ]

cag_[ Divisional PMDI Values (Dec 2014) ]

  1. A C Osborn permalink
    January 14, 2015 7:01 pm

    They couldn’t predict what time the sun comes up in the morning.

  2. January 14, 2015 10:56 pm

    They don’t believe in the sun it never come’s up in their world ;>)

  3. January 15, 2015 3:24 am

    Pueblo only receives 1 more inch of precipitation per year than Tucson.

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