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Satellite Temperatures Fall Again In March

April 6, 2015

By Paul Homewood  


The “warmest year evah” scam appears to be dead in the water again this year.  

Both satellite datasets have been released for March, and show a drop in global temperatures for the second month running. According to both UAH and RSS,current temperatures are now below where they were at the start of last year.   

By the end of May, I would expect to see the 12-month averages begin to drop. Meanwhile, 1998 and 2010 temperatures remain well above anything seen in the last year.   






  1. April 6, 2015 5:23 pm

    Remember the nineties, when we we’re put in a panic;
    Global warming was coming, it would all get quite manic.
    The temperatures would rise like never before,
    Doom and disaster for us all, of that they were sure.

    Read more:

  2. April 6, 2015 7:19 pm

    ….. And April doesn’t seem to be very friendly and warm either! Here’s an analysis of Europe’s weather:

  3. Adam Gallon permalink
    April 6, 2015 8:19 pm

    GISS’ll fix it!

    • AndyG55 permalink
      April 6, 2015 8:38 pm

      Gavin is certainly doing everything he can. Look at the way GISS (and HadCrut to a lesser degree) has shot upwards since he took over in 2013.

      The satellite data.. not so much .

  4. Felix permalink
    April 7, 2015 2:38 am

    And what do surface temperatures show?

  5. April 7, 2015 3:00 am

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  6. Elaine Supkis permalink
    April 7, 2015 1:40 pm

    NO buds are opening on ANY trees on my little mountain in New York. This spring is the latest I have seen in 60 years. Still going below freezing at night and I am in the Taconic mountains right on the border of Mass and only 100 miles from NYC.

    The snow on the north face of the hills is still solid ice.

    This is highly unusual.

  7. April 7, 2015 3:11 pm

    9th warmest March on record. The satellite date now show a warming trend of 1.22 deg K per decade. My ash tree never lost its leaves this winter.

    • April 7, 2015 3:40 pm

      Correction…. Meant to sat 1.22 deg K per CENTURY. Note that this number is about 50% HIGHER than the rate found in the surface temperature records, which show warming at about 0.78 deg K per century.

      • April 7, 2015 4:26 pm

        Satellites started monitoring from 1979, the coldest period for decades.

        Temperatures have been flat for the last 17 yrs.

      • PeterB in Indianapolis permalink
        April 7, 2015 6:24 pm

        The satellite record is only about 36 years now. Warming from 1979 (ice age scare in all the newspapers and magazines) to 1997 is natural and perfectly what should be expected. Total lack of warming from 1997 to present is also perfectly natural.

        The land-based record is replete with issues, but, in spite of all of the issues, 1.4 degrees of warming since 1850 (the tail end of the Little Ice Age) is also perfectly normal.

        Only a fool would wish for temperatures similar to those during the Little Ice Age. If we hadn’t warmed since then, I cannot imagine what life would currently be like on this planet – but it wouldn’t be good.

      • AndyG55 permalink
        April 8, 2015 12:28 am

        “1.22 deg K per CENTURY”

        Only someone either in the propaganda field, or someone abysmally sloppy at maths, would use a unit that extrapolates outside the data length.

        Which are you, Mark?

  8. April 7, 2015 6:15 pm

    As there is no credible experiment that proves that the greenhouse gas effect exist,it is not surprising that as the solar input to the earth has decreased the temperatures will decrease.
    As many astrophysicist have determined that there is a cycle of mini ice ages of about 200 years we are probably at the beginning of the next Mini ice age
    Buy more long underwear.

  9. April 7, 2015 7:38 pm

    Paul your statement requires cherry-picking the data by starting with an El Nino year. Look at the whole data set to determine the trend. Here’s the picture:

    • AndyG55 permalink
      April 7, 2015 9:27 pm

      Again the childish idiocy of using the one single warming event, the 1998 El Nino as a crutch.

      Without the 1998 El Nino, there has been basically NO WARMING in the satellite record.

    • April 7, 2015 9:54 pm

      You’ve fallen for the warmist propaganda, Mark.

      The El Nino year was effectively cancelled out by by the equally big La Ninas of 1999 and 2000.
      But don’t take my word for it. This is what the UK Met Office had to say:

      The start of the current pause is difficult to determine precisely. Although 1998 is often quoted as the start of the current pause, this was an exceptionally warm year because of the largest El Niño in the instrumental record. This was followed by a strong La Niña event and a fall in global surface temperature of around 0.2oC (Figure 1), equivalent in magnitude to the average decadal warming trend in recent decades. It is only really since 2000 that the rise in global surface temperatures has paused.

      So you can pick 1997, or 1998 or 2000, but the pause is still real.

      I fact, I have often made the same argument myself, i.e that 2001 is a sensible place to start, as that was a neutral ENSO year.

      • AndyG55 permalink
        April 8, 2015 12:22 am

        “that 2001 is a sensible place to start”

        Thank you Paul. I don’t really go with any calculation that goes “through” the major event that was the 1998 El Nino, its sloppy maths.

        You can see when the El Nino started to build in about 1996, and then stabilised by 2001.

        RSS shows basically zero warming before 1996, and a slight negative trend after 2001.

        The 1998 had absolutely nothing to do with anthropogenic forcings, but a ocean energy release response to the series of strong solar peaks during the latter part of last century.

        There has been NO INDICATION of any anthropogenic warming in the satellite record., none what-so-ever.

        Anything before the satellite record should be ignored as ‘no-longer-real’ data because of the huge and continuing manipulation of land and sea data in the GISS, GHCN, NOAA and Hadley fabrications..

      • AndyG55 permalink
        April 8, 2015 12:25 am

        “You’ve fallen for the warmist propaganda, Mark.”

        Paul, if you look at some of his twits on tweeter..

        you will see that he is PART OF the warmist propaganda.

    • April 9, 2015 1:20 pm

      Mark, from your link: “…global temperatures are currently rising at a rate of 0.122 deg C. (0.22 deg F.) per decade.” By that logic, all adults are still growing, because there is a positive trend in their height since birth, even if they shrink in old age. Face it, the rise stopped about 18 years ago.

  10. Brian H permalink
    April 9, 2015 12:52 am

    If you strip away the un-physical hyperbole about consequences, warming is beneficial and much to be preferred. Same with CO2 increases. Long may both continue!


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