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Germany’s Lünen plant receives clean coal award – Power Engineering International

June 16, 2015

While energy policy in the UK stumbles from one shambles to another, Germany’s new coal fired plants are showing the way forward.

From PEI:

The operator of the Lünen coal-fired power plant in Germany, Trianel Kohlekraftwerk Lünen GmbH & Co KG, has been awarded the Peabody Energy Advanced Energy for Life Clean Coal Award, which recognises global leadership in deploying high-efficiency clean coal technologies that deliver ultra-low emissions.

The award recognizes the best 2014 environmental performance among European coal-fueled power plants based on self-nominated emissions data for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and heat rate.

Located in Lünen, Trianel’s 750 MW ultra-supercritical power plant has an efficiency level of 44% (heat rate = 8191 kJ/kWh (HHVnet), which makes it amongst the most efficient coal-fired power plant in the world.

It also has a suite of emissions controls to reduce SO2, NOx and particulates to extremely low levels:

    SO2 emission rate = 0.24 g/kWh
    NOx emissions rate = 0.24 g/kWh

The Peabody Advanced Energy for Life Awards ceremony took place alongside Power Engineering International’s inaugural EMEA Projects of the Year Awards, during POWER-GEN Europe in Amsterdam this week.

Lunen began operations in Dec 2013, and is one of the new generation of German power stations, using high effiency/low emission (HELE) technologies.

  1. thojak permalink
    June 16, 2015 10:14 am

    Shared on FB.

  2. James of the O-O permalink
    June 17, 2015 11:47 am

    Why don’t we have anything like this in Britain? I always thought that someone, somewhere was developing cleaner coal production.


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