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Hottest November Day? No Warmer Than 1948 According To CET

November 4, 2015

By Paul Homewood







Talking of November record temperatures, it is worth taking a look at the Central England Temperature for a bit of perspective.

The CET covers a representative slice of the middle of England, although it plainly does not necessarily reflect temperatures in all parts of the country.


Below is a chart showing the 50 warmest November days since 1878, up to 2nd Nov this year.


ScreenHunter_2995 Nov. 04 13.07


On the 1st, the day the record at Trawsgoed was set, CET only got up to 14.6C, which ties it in 108th place, alongside 1948 and other years.


By far the warmest November day was 4th November 1946, which, as we know, was when the previous record UK temperature was set at Prestatyn.

On that day, the exceptional warmth extended across pretty much the whole country:-





There is no evidence that the warmth this week has been anywhere near as widespread.

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  1. xmetman permalink
    November 4, 2015 2:04 pm

    I agree with you that the warmth on the 1st of November was probably not as widespread than in 1946.

    The reason being that overnight most of England and Wales had been affected by fog or low stratus which took into the early afternoon to clear. And that’s why The 22.4°C at Trawscoed was not mirrored in the Central England Temperature [CET] series. Having said that because the CET is a composite temperature made up from readings from a number of different locations it’s never going to produce a record temperature (high or low) that exceeds that of a single station. And that’s why for example the minimum at Shawbury fell to -25.2°C (on the 13th of December 1981), the CET was much higher at -18.0°C. Subtle temperature variations such as local hot-spots and frost hollows are smoothed out in the CET series.

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