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Comrades Harrabin & Black, And Their Wealthy Friends In The Renewable Industry!

January 12, 2016
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By Paul Homewood  








On Comrade Harrabin’s twitter today appeared this little item from the ECIU, who of course are run by the Comrade’s erstwhile buddy at the BBC, Richard Black. Black, as we know, is well paid by various progressive foundations to propagate global warming propaganda.

You might have thought that the supposedly independent BBC would keep miles way from such blatant, biased misinformation. But, don’t forget, this is Harrabin we are talking about!


But, never mind. Let’s look at this particular tweet objectively! Now who might this chap, Matthew Knight be?

Oh dear! A director at Siemens and Renewable UK! Now I wonder why our friend Matthew might be alarmed the media uncovering their little scam?




  1. Password Protected permalink
    January 13, 2016 2:54 am

    To understand Twitter is like understanding 8 year old girls talking about a school note passed. Disjointed, emotionally driven and ultimately inconsequential.
    It’s irrelevant except to those in the conversation.

    • January 13, 2016 4:44 am

      Twaddle, you might seek to quickly dismiss the argument, but the evidence suggests otherwise. People have lost their whole careers for what they said in one or a few tweets, others have been jailed.

      • Raymond B permalink
        January 13, 2016 5:01 am

        You illuminate exactly why the twitterati are twits, Stew.

  2. Password Protected permalink
    January 13, 2016 4:51 am

    Consequencial only for those in the conversations…..I think we agree.

  3. Stonyground permalink
    January 13, 2016 7:50 am

    I have to say that I often struggle to understand what point is being made when bits of twitter are reproduced on blogs. I am assuming that this is because the tweet that is quoted is part of a longer thread and not just because I’m a bit thick. In this case it appears that Roger has unintentionally let a little bit of the cat out of the bag by letting slip that there were record monthly rainfalls 113 years ago. I think that the climate is supposed to have changed since then, rather than stayed pretty much the same.

    • January 13, 2016 8:45 am

      The climate always changes but as it is still so similar to previous periods it’s strange that organisations can now call normal climate unprecedented or extreme on such a regular occasion, anyone would think that there was a reason behind this trend of hyping up weather stories….

  4. January 13, 2016 9:41 am

    A minor victory over Harrabin yesterday, the day before he had orchestrated the Green Outrage over the cancellation of CCS spending, saying that MPs would question Cameron about the issue. No mention on the BBC today of the outcome, I wonder why:

  5. January 15, 2016 10:26 pm

    A look at Harrabin’s Facebook site is probably more illuminating than his tweets.

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