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Asthma Sufferers Destroying The Climate!!

April 13, 2016

By Paul Homewood 


Although we can rightly blame our idiotic politicians and their masters in Brussels for much of the nonsense surrounding our energy policies, there is no question that these are gold plated by bureaucrats and jobsworths. For many of them, it must be a lovely time sat at a desk compiling statistics.

Take this one example from DECC’s statistical release for 2014 greenhouse gas emissions:






Is there really some little man out there counting how much F – gases were emitted by metered dose enhalers?

In any sane world DECC would simply just ignore items such as this, and if necessary bung in a heavily underestimated guesstimate.

I don’t know, but I can imagine that is exactly what most other countries would do.

But here there will be some Sir Humphrey saying “ You can’t do that, Minister!” And when asked why not, “Well, he would not have a job then, would he?”

  1. April 15, 2016 10:30 am

    oh NO!!!! I suffer from asthma will I be immediately charged with the crime of ecocide for using my inhalers to help me through an asthma attack .. The pervasive green slime respects no one be afraid folks, very afraid…

  2. April 15, 2016 1:02 pm

    Just showing there is nothing too silly for the whackos to embrace.

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