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The BBC’s Intrepid Arctic Explorer Follows In His Own Footsteps!

September 18, 2016

By Paul Homewood



Christopher Booker



From Booker today:


We have regularly over the years been regaled by the BBC with the exploits of those intrepid climate activists who travel up to the Arctic to prove that, thanks to global warming, its ice is melting away so fast that there will soon be none left.

In 2008 there was the bid by Gordon Pugh to paddle a kayak all the way to the North Pole. Alas, after only a few days he found it was so cold and the ice so thick that he had hastily to be rescued. In 2009 it was the expedition led by Pen Hadow which planned to walk 600 miles to the Pole, measuring just how rapidly the ice was thinning. They too found it so cold and the ice so dangerously thick that they soon had to be airlifted to safety.


Explorer David Hempleman Adams Explorer David Hempleman Adams Credit: John Lawrence/John Lawrence


This year’s expedition, led by David Hempleman-Adams, hoped to make history by sailing right round the north of Europe and North America, guided by a legendary Russian yachtsman, Nikolai Litau. Last week they triumphantly ended their journey in Canada; but only after several hairy weeks dodging huge lumps of ice in the Laptev Sea off Siberia. They were lucky, because this September the Arctic has begun its annual refreeze earlier than at any time for 19 years.

In fact the NSIDC’s satellite record shows that there is now 22 per cent more ice than there was at this time in 2012. And, far from these people being the first ever to sail in a yacht through both the North West and North East Passages, Nikolai Litau himself – as revealed by Paul Homewood on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat website – not only made both those journeys between 1996 and 2002; he took in the Antarctic as well. But we didn’t hear about that from the BBC. It wouldn’t have fitted their “narrative”.



The full story of Nikolay Litau’s previous Arctic voyages are here.  

  1. AndyG55 permalink
    September 18, 2016 1:53 am

    It should be noted that EVERY other route through the NW Passage , except the one they conveniently picked as the southern most route except through Fury/Hecla….

    …. was IMPASSABLE at the time they went through.

    Amundsen’s 1903 route was blocked
    Larsen’s 1944 route was blocked.

    Surely if they thought the sea ice was really declining they would have planned to use the main route through passed Melville Island, instead of skulking through Cambridge Bay.

  2. John F. Hultquist permalink
    September 18, 2016 5:20 am

    I think there were a couple of other stunts in the Arctic.
    Is there a list?
    Last year, Alex Bellini proposed to live on a melting iceberg for one year to highlight climate change. That seems to have been postponed until winter of 2018.

    If this stunt ever comes about, it will prove icebergs that float into warmer water melt.

    • AndyG55 permalink
      September 18, 2016 5:43 am

      “it will prove icebergs that float into warmer water melt.”

      Or it will prove that icebergs aren’t melting, which would defeat his purpose.

      So either it melts, and he goes down with the iceberg…. or its a failure.

      Seems like a pretty dumb idea to me.

      • September 18, 2016 5:51 am

        The iceberg of fools.

      • tom0mason permalink
        September 18, 2016 8:37 am

        With the sound of a smashing bottle I heard in the distance…

        “I name this iceberg ‘Titanic The Unsinkable’, God bless all who sail on her.”

  3. NeilC permalink
    September 18, 2016 6:38 am

    Did the latest escapade with Northabout get help with an ice-breaker to get through?

    I’m sure I read somewhere there was a three day period where the logbook looked a bit suspicious.

  4. Joe Public permalink
    September 18, 2016 8:00 am

    Not forgetting the publicity stunt:

    It too suffered the embarrassment of excessive ice hampering efforts to reach (only) the magnetic north pole at 78°35.7N 104°11.9W.

  5. September 18, 2016 11:29 am

    Sounds as though it is not wise to believe your own propaganda.

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