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Climate Breakdown At Drax!

April 6, 2019

By Paul Homewood




As we know, protestors want to stop Drax converting two units to burning gas, as they claim burning stuff is destroying the world.


A couple of years ago, I had to cycle past Drax, and I was lucky to escape with my life!






Meanwhile, the wind turbines down the road were busy helping to keep the lights on, producing 0.0000000 MW:


  1. A C Osborn permalink
    April 6, 2019 11:24 am

    DRAX is dirteir now with Wood Chip than it has ever been.
    Gas woould make it cleaner than before, they are utter Morons.
    Mind you I suppose they expect us to pay for the conversion.

  2. Ajax Ornis permalink
    April 6, 2019 11:48 am

    Brings to mind that old Pete Seeger classic ‘ Where Have All The Flowers Gone’, which contains the constant refrain: “When will they ever learn ?”. Guess the answer must, very sadly, be Never !

  3. April 6, 2019 1:27 pm

    I love the anomaly that CO2 turns the world green.

  4. Rowland Pantling permalink
    April 6, 2019 11:37 pm

    If there is so much concern (hysteria) about pollution from wood burners, surely the same must go for Drax burning wood chips!

  5. April 7, 2019 9:38 am

    One of the protest messages in the photo is at least consistent, by including biomass in the ‘say no to’.

    But ‘more wind’ = more unreliability, and always will do.

  6. Jackie Matty Neil Stewart permalink
    April 11, 2019 12:39 pm

    Sadly the “Green” protesters are known for using mass mailing software to generate names on petitions. EYCC also discovered that peoples e-mail names had been used without their permission or knowledge. I would not be suprised if the same technique was used here.

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