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Govt May Curb Flying To Please Green Loons

May 11, 2019

By Paul Homewood

h/t Robin Guenier



Concerns over climate change might restrict the growth of flying in the UK, the government has admitted.

The advisory Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recently said the UK’s planned increase in aviation would need to be curbed to restrict CO2.

Now a senior civil servant has told a green group that means ministers may have to review aviation strategy.

The group says climate concern is so high the decision on Heathrow expansion should be brought back to Parliament.

The Department for Transport defended the proposed Heathrow expansion, saying it would "provide a massive economic boost to businesses and communities" across the UK, all at "no cost to the taxpayer and within our environmental obligations".

Why should the policy change?

It is a crucial time for flying, with policy on aviation right up to 2050 currently out for consultation.

When the government first laid out proposals for increasing aviation, the UK had an overall target of cutting CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

But the CCC recently raised the bar of ambition in recommending that Britain should adopt a target of net zero emissions.

That will mean compensating for any greenhouse gases by either capturing the CO2 and storing it, or planting more trees.

How was the news revealed?

In a letter to a tiny pressure group Plan B, the Department for Transport (DfT) aviation head Caroline Low said: “It may be necessary to consider the CCC’s recommended policy approach for aviation.”

This may sound like a cautious civil servant covering bases, but for Plan B it is an admission that the DfT will have to confront the notion that concerns over climate change may outweigh people’s desire to fly more.

Tim Crosland from Plan B told BBC News: “We’re pleased to see the government is taking seriously our request to review the expansion of Heathrow.

“Since the (Heathrow) proposal was approved there have been developments of immense significance.

"The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report spelling out the dire consequences of exceeding 1.5C average global warming; Parliament’s recognition of a state of climate and ecological emergency; and the CCC’s advice that it is ‘necessary’ for the UK to reach net zero emissions by 2050," Mr Crosland said.

“The government can either take the necessary action to avoid climate breakdown or it can stick to ‘business as usual’ and expand aviation, the most polluting mode of transport.

“But it can’t have it both ways."…

Prof Kevin Anderson, from Manchester University, told BBC News that curbing the growth in aviation would be politically possible because, in his opinion, most flights are taken by the rich.


I have one very simple question. Why is the Department of Transport even talking to this tiny bunch of eco-loons, who call themselves Plan B?

  1. John Doran permalink
    May 11, 2019 11:41 am

    Civil Servants should not be making policy announcements. In answer to any such question the answer is – ‘that is for the Minister to decide’………….

    • Belsay Bugle permalink
      May 11, 2019 11:50 am

      They can start with the PM, all the MPs and slebs, Emma Thompson and all the luvvies and that idiot savant Swedish child.
      They can take the train or boat while the rest of the world carries on its merry way.

      • David P permalink
        May 11, 2019 12:06 pm

        Speaking of Emma Thompson, it seems her appearance on the little boat was a bit of pre-publicity for her new BBC series.

      • PeterGB permalink
        May 11, 2019 4:00 pm

        Apparently the Thunbergs do not fly. Whether this is from conviction or as a result of their many “problems” is unclear. This is fortunate as it means that it takes Greta much longer to travel between venues.

    • Charles Wardrop permalink
      May 11, 2019 11:50 am

      since the minister in question may be Clare (something), who gives priority to decarbonisation rather than to boosting energy production, she’d be best left out of it all and sacked.

      • Up2snuff permalink
        May 11, 2019 7:24 pm

        Peter GB, someone should invite Greta to go to China.

    • Belsay Bugle permalink
      May 11, 2019 11:52 am

      Oh and ‘Chris’ Packham.

  2. LeesChris permalink
    May 11, 2019 11:47 am

    Yet another spectacular example of economic ‘self harm’ in the making. London has a key role as a ‘world city’, with the potential to be a ‘global capital’, but it cannot do this if it does not have world class global connectivity. Limit aviation in and around London and there are plenty other cities (New York, Dubai, Singapore etc etc) that will simply grow their airports and grow their global leadership role instead. And as for the impact on ordinary UK citizens – limiting the longer flights from London airports will simply see people use other close European ‘hubs’ for intercontinental flights. A number of us in the North of England are doing this already – taking the short ‘hop’ to Amsterdam Schipol to then fly to the Americas or Asia. Schipol and others (Paris CDG) etc will simply grab the business.

  3. Charles Turner permalink
    May 11, 2019 11:49 am

    Because we are now governed by an unocracy in the form of an autistic 16 year old Swedish girl.

    Roll on the newly enhanced climate scammers and educationalists who can see billions coming to them for spurious research.

  4. GeoffB permalink
    May 11, 2019 11:53 am

    The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) aims to construct 216 new airports by 2035 to meet the growing demands for air travel.

    China had a total of 234 civil airports at the end of October, and this number is likely to hit 450 by 2035. This is part of China’s ambition to become an aviation power, reported Reuters.

    Data shows that demand for passenger air transportation in China will surpass the US by 2035, representing almost one-quarter of the world’s total flights.

  5. May 11, 2019 11:58 am

    Isn’t Kevin Anderson the nutty professor who won’t take a shower in order to save the planet from global warming?

  6. arfurbryant permalink
    May 11, 2019 12:04 pm

    “Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.”
    Friedrich Schiller

  7. May 11, 2019 12:13 pm

    The article is from the BBC ‘propaganda’ machine- (information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view). This is a gross breach of the BBC Charter and it is self evident that action is urgently required.

  8. Mike Jackson permalink
    May 11, 2019 12:21 pm

    I have been an opponent of the Heathrow expansion for all sorts of reasons ever since it was first mooted. All of a sudden I find it a wonderful idea! Anything that gets up the noses of the eco-idiots is fine by me.

    But, please, will somebody do something about Deben’s mob? Climate change or no climate change they are doing more damage to Britain than most of the other eco-loons put together!

    • Derek Buxton permalink
      May 11, 2019 2:31 pm

      Yes please, Deben the fraudster should be gone ASAP. By the bye, anyone else notice frost during the night, we had it in Stockport!

      • Mike Jackson permalink
        May 11, 2019 4:39 pm

        There was a fair amount across France on Monday. The average minimum temperature across France for May 6 was 2.5°, the lowest May temperature for 40 years!
        Ours was 1.3° and that’s in the south of Burgundy. The growers are getting worried already!

  9. Pancho Plail permalink
    May 11, 2019 12:54 pm

    The only way to stop all this nonsense is if a sufficiently high number of people vote for the Brexit Party in the next general election. Four weeks ago this seemed like pie in the sky, but now I am not so sure.

    • George Lawson permalink
      May 11, 2019 1:36 pm

      …or we could all write to his immediate boss Michael Gove to point out the stupidity and danger of the Deben outrages. If he ignores our approaches then god help us if he becomes leaders of the Conservatives.

  10. May 11, 2019 1:15 pm
    lots of well informed articles NOT
    But the good part they allow comments
    reading through comments some who can smell the coffee
    Just posted first comment George Carlin – Saving the Planet
    hope it gets past moderators

  11. john cheshire permalink
    May 11, 2019 1:37 pm

    Isn’t it still the case that those who decide these things announced to us several years ago that they are changing economies from demand management to supply management.

    This discussion about flying is yet another skirmish in the war on Western civilisation. If we allow them to get away with their evil plans, they’ll not only restrict people’s ability to fly, they’ll ration fuel, water, food, living space and where we are allowed to live. Maybe whether and for how long we will be allowed to live.

    • Broadlands permalink
      May 11, 2019 2:06 pm

      And in addition, when carbon is gone, down to zero emissions, so will be the asphalt and cement/concrete needed for any mode of transportation other than walking. Even graphite lubrication is the absence of oils. Loonie indeed.

  12. May 11, 2019 2:11 pm

    I can’t find the comments?

    /bsides2015 PERMALINK
    May 11, 2019 1:15 pm
    lots of well informed articles NOT
    But the good part they allow comments
    reading through comments some who can smell the coffee
    Just posted first comment George Carlin – Saving the Planet
    hope it gets past moderators/

  13. Harry Passfield permalink
    May 11, 2019 2:17 pm

    Warning: Whatever anyone does, and for the sake of radios everywhere, do not bother to listen to R4 Any Questions (repeated today)! Especially hazardous to those of high BP.

  14. Ian permalink
    May 11, 2019 2:19 pm

    It may not have to happen now that Mayor K has worked out how to solve his delivery vehicle emissions problem, with the E-Donkey:

  15. May 11, 2019 2:23 pm

    Mr Crossland can’t even get his facts right:
    “aviation, the most polluting mode of transport”
    Last time I looked, container ships, that still burn the cheapest polluting oil, were top of the list.

    • TinyCO2 permalink
      May 11, 2019 2:46 pm

      Mile for mile maybe but not weight for weight, I’d have thought.

  16. Alan Davidson permalink
    May 11, 2019 2:34 pm

    When eventually it is established and accepted that global temperatures are warming and cooing naturally and cyclically, and that carbon dioxide has no effect at all on the climate, and that in any case government policies could never do anything to affect the climate, all of these restrictions in UK and elsewhere on economic activity and peoples lives will be seen to be the complete lunacy that they are. A complete change of government and bureaucracy may be needed.

    • dave permalink
      May 12, 2019 7:36 am

      Does anyone remember that, in the rapture period of official Roman Christianity, ascetics – the eco-loons of the time – used to sit on pillars for the whole of their lives for reasons which escape me? It was a bit of a pointless distraction, when the barbarians were – literally – at the gates.

  17. Athelstan. permalink
    May 11, 2019 3:28 pm

    hoo, ha ha and ho hum and erm yeah right.

    What they need to know and CALLING ALL ECO LOONS AND MANCHESTUR GRADE B PLANE STUPID PROFS, the biodegradation, volcanos, the oceans out gasing, the earth and insects, produce 95% of ALL atmospheric CO2.

    Flying produces and by comparison BA emissions.

    This bollox is, merely another eco warrior jihad against the people – nothing else.

  18. Oliver King permalink
    May 11, 2019 3:40 pm

    ‘Prof Kevin Anderson, from Manchester University, told BBC News that curbing the growth in aviation would be politically possible because, in his opinion, most flights are taken by the rich.‘

    Most flights taken by the rich? Threaten the average Brits summer holiday to Spain and there’ll be more uproar than over the current Brexit stitch up.

    • Brian J BAKER permalink
      May 11, 2019 5:08 pm

      Yes in there own planes. Private airports a growth industry. They don’t have to mix with the Hoi Paloy Unless these arseholes consider that they will introduce draconian measures to stop private aircraft production. I cannot see Emma Thompson agreeing to this.

    • Phoenix44 permalink
      May 12, 2019 9:39 am

      More than that how do these morons think we could cope with 2-3 million people a week in August holidaying in the UK rather than Europe (parts inaccessible by train) or long haul destinations?

      And what about the UK’s tourist income?

      It’s just crackpot nonsense, people who have actually and literally list touch with reality.

  19. Brian J BAKER permalink
    May 11, 2019 5:03 pm

    Here is a list of 303 airports under construction and built in China.

    Anqing Tianzhushan Airport
    Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport
    Fuyang Xiguan Airport
    Hefei Xinqiao International Airport
    Huangshan Tunxi International Airport
    Wuhu Xuancheng Airport (under construction)

    Beijing Capital International Airport
    Beijing Nanyuan Airport
    Beijing Daxing International Airport (under construction)

    Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
    Qianjiang Wulingshan Airport
    Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport
    Wulong Xiannüshan Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Wushan Shennüfeng Airport (scheduled for construction)

    Fuzhou Changle International Airport
    Longyan Guanzhishan Airport
    Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport
    Sanming Shaxian Airport
    Wuyishan Airport
    Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
    Xiamen Xiang’an International Airport (under construction)

    Dunhuang Airport
    Jiayuguan Airport
    Jinchang Jinchuan Airport
    Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport
    Longnan Chengzhou Airport
    Qingyang Airport
    Tianshui Maijishan Airport
    Gannan Xiahe Airport
    Zhangye Ganzhou Airport

    Foshan Shadi Airport
    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
    Huizhou Pingtan Airport
    Meixian Airport
    Jieyang Chaoshan Airport
    Shaoguan Guitou Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
    Zhanjiang Airport
    Zhuhai Jinwan Airport

    Baise Bama Airport
    Beihai Fucheng Airport
    Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
    Hechi Jinchengjiang Airport
    Liuzhou Bailian Airport
    Nanning Wuxu International Airport
    Wuzhou Xijiang Airport
    Yulin Fumian Airport (under construction)

    Anshun Huangguoshu Airport
    Bijie Feixiong Airport
    Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport
    Kaili Huangping Airport
    Libo Airport
    Liping Airport
    Liupanshui Yuezhao Airport
    Tongren Fenghuang Airport
    Xingyi Wanfenglin Airport
    Zunyi Xinzhou Airport
    Zunyi Maotai Airport

    Danzhou Airport (under construction)
    Haikou Meilan International Airport
    Qionghai Bo’ao Airport
    Sanya Phoenix International Airport
    Sanya Hongtangwan International Airport (under construction)
    Yongxing Island Airport

    Chengde Puning Airport
    Handan Airport
    Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Airport
    Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport
    Tangshan Sannühe Airport
    Xingtai Dalian Airport (under construction)
    Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport

    Daqing Sartu Airport
    Fuyuan Dongji Airport
    Harbin Taiping International Airport
    Heihe Aihui Airport
    Jiagedaqi Airport
    Jiamusi Dongjiao Airport
    Suifenhe Airport (under construction)
    Jiansanjiang Airport
    Jixi Xingkaihu Airport
    Mohe Gulian Airport
    Mudanjiang Hailang International Airport
    Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport
    Wudalianchi Airport
    Yichun Lindu Airport

    Luoyang Beijiao Airport
    Nanyang Jiangying Airport
    Shangqiu Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Xinyang Minggang Airport
    Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

    Hong Kong International Airport

    Enshi Xujiaping Airport
    Shennongjia Hongping Airport
    Shiyan Wudangshan Airport
    Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
    Xiangyang Liuji Airport
    Yichang Sanxia Airport

    Changde Taohuayuan Airport
    Changsha Huanghua International Airport
    Chenzhou Beihu Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Hengyang Nanyue Airport
    Huaihua Zhijiang Airport
    Shaoyang Wugang Airport
    Xiangxi Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Yongzhou Lingling Airport
    Yueyang Sanhe Airport
    Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport

    Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot Airport
    Alxa Right Banner Badanjilin Airport
    Ar Horqin Airport (under construction)
    Arxan Yi’ershi Airport
    Baotou Erliban Airport
    Bayannur Tianjitai Airport
    Chifeng Yulong Airport
    Ejin Banner Taolai Airport
    Erenhot Saiwusu International Airport
    Hulunbuir Hailar Airport
    Hohhot Baita International Airport
    Hohhot Shengle International Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Holingol Huolinhe Airport
    Manzhouli Xijiao Airport
    Xinbarag Youqi Baogede Airport
    Ordos Ejin Horo Airport
    Tongliao Airport
    Ulanhot Airport
    Ulanqab Jining Airport
    Wuhai Airport
    Xilinhot Airport
    Zhalantun Chengjisihan Airport

    Changzhou Benniu Airport
    Huai’an Lianshui Airport
    Lianyungang Baitabu Airport
    Lianyungang Huaguoshan International Airport (under construction)
    Nanjing Lukou International Airport
    Nantong Xingdong Airport
    Sunan Shuofang International Airport
    Xuzhou Guanyin International Airport
    Yancheng Nanyang Airport
    Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport

    Ganzhou Huangjin Airport
    Jinggangshan Airport
    Jingdezhen Luojia Airport
    Nanchang Changbei International Airport
    Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport
    Yichun Mingyueshan Airport

    Baicheng Chang’an Airport
    Changbaishan Airport
    Changchun Longjia International Airport
    Songyuan Chaganhu Airport
    Tonghua Sanyuanpu Airport
    Yanji Chaoyangchuan International Airport

    Anshan Teng’ao Airport
    Changhai Airport
    Chaoyang Airport
    Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
    Dalian Jinzhouwan International Airport (under construction)
    Dandong Langtou Airport
    Jinzhou Bay Airport
    Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
    Yingkou Lanqi Airport

    Macau International Airport

    Guyuan Liupanshan Airport
    Yinchuan Hedong International Airport
    Zhongwei Shapotou Airport

    Delingha Airport
    Golmud Airport
    Golog Maqin Airport
    Huatugou Airport
    Qilian Airport
    Xining Caojiabu Airport
    Yushu Batang Airport

    Ankang Wulipu Airport
    Ankang Fuqiang Airport (under construction)
    Fugu Airport (under construction)
    Hanzhong Chenggu Airport
    Xi’an Xianyang International Airport
    Yan’an Nanniwan Airport
    Yulin Yuyang Airport

    Dongying Shengli Airport
    Heze Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport
    Jining Qufu Airport
    Linyi Shubuling Airport
    Qingdao Liuting International Airport
    Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport (under construction)
    Rizhao Shanzihe Airport
    Weifang Airport
    Weihai Dashuibo Airport
    Yantai Penglai International Airport

    Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport

    Changzhi Wangcun Airport
    Datong Yungang Airport
    Linfen Qiaoli Airport
    Lüliang Airport
    Taiyuan Wusu International Airport
    Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport
    Yuncheng Guangong Airport

    Bazhong Enyang Airport
    Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
    Chengdu Tianfu International Airport (under construction)
    Daocheng Yading Airport
    Dazhou Heshi Airport
    Garze Gesar Airport (under construction)
    Guangyuan Panlong Airport
    Hongyuan Airport
    Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport
    Kangding Airport
    Langzhong Airport (under construction)
    Luzhou Yunlong Airport
    Mianyang Nanjiao Airport
    Nanchong Gaoping Airport
    Panzhihua Bao’anying Airport
    Xichang Qingshan Airport
    Yibin Caiba Airport
    Yibin Wuliangye Airport (under construction)

    Tianjin Binhai International Airport

    Lhasa Gonggar Airport
    Nagqu Dagring Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Nyingchi Mainling Airport
    Qamdo Bamda Airport
    Shigatse Peace Airport
    Ngari Gunsa Airport

    Aksu Airport
    Altay Airport
    Bole Alashankou Airport
    Kanas Airport
    Fuyun Koktokay Airport
    Hami Airport
    Hotan Airport
    Korla Airport
    Kuqa Qiuci Airport
    Karamay Airport
    Kashgar Airport
    Qiemo Yudu Airport
    Ruoqiang Loulan Airport
    Shihezi Huayuan Airport
    Tacheng Airport
    Tumxuk Tangwangcheng Airport
    Turpan Jiaohe Airport
    Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport
    Xinyuan Nalati Airport
    Shache Airport
    Yining Airport
    Yutian Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Zhaosu Airport (scheduled for construction)

    Baoshan Yunduan Airport
    Cangyuan Washan Airport
    Dali Airport
    Xishuangbanna Gasa International Airport
    Kunming Changshui International Airport
    Lancang Jingmai Airport
    Lijiang Sanyi Airport
    Lincang Airport
    Dehong Mangshi Airport
    Honghe Mengzi Airport (scheduled for construction)
    Ninglang Luguhu Airport
    Pu’er Simao Airport
    Dêqên Shangri-La Airport
    Tengchong Tuofeng Airport
    Wenshan Puzhehei Airport
    Zhaotong Airport

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
    Jiaxing Airport (under construction)
    Lishui Airport (under construction)
    Ningbo Lishe International Airport
    Quzhou Airport
    Taizhou Luqiao Airport
    Wenzhou Longwan International Airport
    Yiwu Airport
    Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport

    There are 303 of them which is about the same number of coal fired power stations being built by China for the rest of the world.

  20. Harry Passfield permalink
    May 11, 2019 5:37 pm

    Just came in from a local village beer festival. we had sunshine and showers. We would have preferred tolerable sunshine and pleasant temps. So when King and Co have figured out out to change the weather for the UK can they please make it more granular (I think that’s the phrase) and allow us oiks in the country to have good weather for our pleasantries.

    Yes, of course that’s nonsense – but no more nonsense than the UK deciding to ruin its economy by claiming it can change the WORLD’S CLIMATE (ffs) by being alone in going for Zero-C. We are truly led by idiots and chancers.

  21. Chris Treise permalink
    May 12, 2019 9:27 am

    “Most flights are taken by the rich”? Has this imbecile not seen cut-price tickets to the flesh-pots of Europe? Stag and Hen parties in far-off places? These aren’t the rich, these are people who forego a couple of pints down the pub and fly to Malagar on Ryannair! What an idiot….

    • Phoenix44 permalink
      May 12, 2019 9:46 am

      If this happens, all flights will be taken by the rich because the cost of flying will soar. Flying is cheap now because scale, of aircraft, infrastructure, asset use. Run an airport with mainly fixed costs with a quarter of the flights and prices there will go up four-fold. Aircraft with largely fixed costs used half the time with half the passengers will quadruple prices of worse.

      Meanwhile easyJet and Ryanair go out of business, EVs make long distance driving impossible and so anyone not rich is stuck where they live all year round.

  22. May 12, 2019 2:13 pm

    This will be the answer apparently but will it go on fire before or after the crash?

    “A British Aerospace 146 commuter aircraft will be adapted to carry two tons of batteries and the world’s most powerful flying generator. One of its four engines will be converted to run on electricity”

    Time to invest in Cobalt?

  23. Charles Wardrop permalink
    May 12, 2019 4:50 pm

    We need a change of attitudes in politicians, at least in uncorrupted ones, who should see greenaloons and their hysterical claims in perspective, then ignore them.

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