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EU climate plan sets stage for an explosive rise in carbon prices

September 22, 2020

By Paul Homewood




Ambrose Evans-Pritchard keeps telling us that super duper renewable energy is so cheap, everybody will be falling over themselves to switch away from fossil fuels.

Very strange then that the EU’s climate plan will need an “explosive rise in carbon prices”, required of course to make renewable energy competitive with those expensive fossil fuels!

  1. 2hmp permalink
    September 22, 2020 11:05 am

    How can an intelligent person like AEP make such stupid comments ?

    • bobn permalink
      September 22, 2020 12:16 pm

      He’s not intelligent. He’s incapable of logical thought.

  2. MrGrimNasty permalink
    September 22, 2020 11:15 am

    Too much erratic renewables, having forced one stupid decision (to pay to cut Sizewell output because of general low under covid), then causes another problem from being erratic! From GWPF twitter.

  3. Gerry, England permalink
    September 22, 2020 11:19 am

    As was written on iceagenow the other day – what a perfect time to destroy your reliable electricity generation just as a Little Ice Age is under way.

  4. CheshireRed permalink
    September 22, 2020 11:51 am

    Slightly O/T but yet in another ‘low carbon’ vein, I am now convinced the government are using covid to deliberately wreck the UK aviation industry.

    They’re not lifting a finger to help airlines, instead they seem to be throwing as many obstacles at the industry as they can invent.

    Heathrow 3rd runway now put back 20 years. Gatwick 2nd runaway no chance. All to reduce ‘carbon’ emissions. Idiots everywhere.

  5. September 22, 2020 11:54 am

    With little or no new nuclear, coal winding down, and inadequate renewables the only politically acceptable options, EU countries are going to be dependent on mainly Russian gas more than ever. Then they face monster carbon taxes for using it.
    [non-paywalled version of Telegraph article]

  6. Dick Goodwin permalink
    September 22, 2020 12:11 pm

    The EU answer to everything, higher taxes or find more things to tax. Will the truth ever dawn on these people?

  7. saparonia permalink
    September 22, 2020 12:19 pm

    I think coal is being stockpiled. all the hype is distraction, all intelligent people know a Solar Minimum is coming.

    • Nancy & John Hultquist permalink
      September 22, 2020 4:33 pm

      all intelligent people

      Those would be you, and 3 others..
      – – winking smiley face – – Poe’s Law

  8. September 22, 2020 12:40 pm

    “IF” Carbon Dioxide REALLY is the problem… does taxing it solve anything? How does that work exactly?

    I am thinking in particular not about forcing me to buy four wheeled electric asininity but the real volume emitters…. industry. All I see it doing is destroying what is left of our industry making us totally dependent for the same stuff but now produced in India and China who do not give a monkeys chuff about climatogeddon and would not give a chuff even if it was real!

    The looney tunes want to commit suicide that is clear and the sooner they do that as far as I am concerned the better….what is the politicians excuse for wanting to wreck our lives?

    • A C Osborn permalink
      September 22, 2020 1:39 pm

      Spot on.

    • Ariane permalink
      September 22, 2020 3:31 pm

      UNEP Founding Director Maurice Strong’s intention was ‘to destroy Western industrial civilisation.’ This was dressed up as ‘saving the planet’ but the underlying plan was to destroy industry and prevent inustrial growth where there was no industry. India and China and South America have done their best to make money out of it by blaming the West for ‘climate change.’ And the scientists earn money. All the complexity hides the fundamental intention.

      • Nancy & John Hultquist permalink
        September 22, 2020 4:56 pm

        Maurice Strong moved to Beijing in 2006 (?) and apparently then returned to Canada shortly before his death in 2015. His doings were complex and not without controversy and a hint of scandal.

        Many younger folks, now involved in climate related activities, and most other people likely have no clue about this man.

        Maybe the should.
        Start with Ed Blick’s “rant” from 2008.

        Click to access EDBLICKRANT.pdf

  9. robin Lambert permalink
    September 22, 2020 1:35 pm

    Germany has built 10 Coal fired Power Stations since 2000 , Our Only hope is to Get Some Science graduates actually interested in Nuclear Power as A career, only other alternative is Gas fired Power Stations. If Governments Plan to have All electric cars, 34million? by 2040 we need 8 Power stations to be built to stand Still!…Useless MPS again

  10. September 22, 2020 1:51 pm

    Good point and well made.

  11. Edwin Morris permalink
    September 22, 2020 3:30 pm

    I am an electrical engineer, l pointed out to the staff at a large steelworks that the only thing green about green energy is the mugs that pay for it.

  12. dave permalink
    September 22, 2020 5:03 pm


    La Nina:

  13. mjr permalink
    September 22, 2020 6:21 pm

    good to see that the article is headed with a photograph that shows the main atmospheric contribution to global warming ……. yes – water vapour coming from power station cooling towers .
    Of course the morons in the media assume the vast plumes are smoke. – whereas the flue system contains scrubbers that reduce smoke and gases that you can hardly see them.

    • Nancy & John Hultquist permalink
      September 22, 2020 8:28 pm

      H2 airplanes = more H2O up there.

  14. September 22, 2020 7:27 pm

    Is the supposedly massive future electric car industry going to be the next bubble? No shortage of self-publicists there…

    • I_am_not_a_robot permalink
      September 22, 2020 10:28 pm

      The electric truck farce is full of presumably unintended humour.
      For instance an investment firm called ‘Hindenburg Research’ should surely ring alarm bells and the ‘truck in motion’ scam is brilliant:

      “Nikola never stated its truck was driving under its own propulsion in the video” a spokesman said.

  15. Coeur de Lion permalink
    September 22, 2020 8:47 pm

    Are China, India, Japan, Indonesia imposing a carbon (dioxide) tax?

  16. September 22, 2020 10:55 pm

    How did it happen that A E-P is such an unreformed plonker ?

  17. Farmer Sooticle permalink
    September 23, 2020 7:30 am

    Ontario’s green-energy catastrophe:
    But don’t worry, the “Green New Deal” will be different!

  18. Steve permalink
    September 23, 2020 4:36 pm

    The cost of motoring is going up as the government is planning to continue with the adding of 10% ethanol to petrol. Autocar tested small economical cars with E10 and found a 10% reduction in fuel economy, meaning that owners will have to buy 10% more fuel to go the same distance. It therefore also means that the car will not produce any less CO2. On top of this, the ethanol mainly comes from corn, which SEWTHA described as the least efficiently produced biofuel taking into account all the fertilizer, production and distribution.
    U S users don’t like ethanol and there are videos showing how to get rid of it by adding 10% water to the fuel and drawing it off as it binds with water and pure petrol doesn’t. My small car suddenly started to do 10% less mpg in April and after checking that there was no other reason, guessed that the E5 petrol that I had been buying was actually E10, which we import and is already standard on the Continent.
    Paul and readers may like to repeat my experiment. I put 500ml of petrol in a flat bottomed wine bottle and added 50ml of water. The ethanol immediately separated and mixed with the 50 ml of water at the bottom of the bottle. Carefully measuring the height of the petrol and the mixture I found that the mixture was about 20% of the whole, meaning that there was already 10% of ethanol in the petrol being sold ad E5 at 5%. If I am correct, someone is on the fiddle and the only beneficiaries are the taxation dept and the wholesalers. If you are interested in the experiment please email me.

    • It doesn't add up... permalink
      September 24, 2020 1:47 am

      So if the ethanol adds nothing to your mileage, by separating it out you can get some value by burning it while once again restoring the range of a full tank of fuel.

      You may want to consider a different fuel supplier in the short term, depending on which part of the country you are in. UK refiners will have little incentive to blend E10 at low oil prices. Importers will buy what they can get. All much harder to do now we have so few working refineries, and most of them are run by independent companies (Valero, Essar, Ineos/Petrochina) who have no retail presence.

    • Steve permalink
      September 24, 2020 7:25 am

      My experiment to measure the proportion of ethanol in petrol labelled as E5 was as follows.
      Use a clear glass wine bottle with a minimal domed base. Hardy’s white in my case. A glass measuring jug. My wife’s plastic jug was damaged by the ethanol. A funnel and petrol can. Sellotape a vertical strip to the bottle for ink marking levels. No smoking.
      Pour 500 ml E5 petrol into bottle. All measures to the base of the meniscus.
      Pour 50 ml of water in and shake lightly once.
      The ethanol and water mix immediately and settle at the bottom of the bottle.
      Measure the distance from the base of the bottle to the top of the 550ml combination. 154mm adding 1mm for curvature of base of bottle.
      Measure distance from top of the ethanol and water mixture to the base of the bottle. 28mm.
      Mark half way point between the top and bottom of the mixture of ethanol and water at the base of bottle. 14 mm + 14mm.
      The distance from the top is therefore 140mm. 154 mm – 14mm.
      Half of the mixture will be ethanol measuring 14mm.
      This is 10% of 140mm. Therefore the proportion of ethanol is 10% and not 5% as sold.
      The reduction in mpg for my 1 litre engined car is 10% from the computer record.
      Conclusion motorists are being sold E10 petrol as in the EU and having to use 10% more fuel, as found by Autocar in road tests with E10.

  19. Michael Perry permalink
    September 28, 2020 11:35 am

    Once again illustrated with the clean steam coming from the cooling towers. That type of emmision is purely water vapour and does not contain any pollutatnts at all. I do wish the news media would stop mis-informing people with pictures of good clean steam coming from a cooling tower that is essential for the working of power generation using steam as an agent.

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