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William Can’t Sleep Because Of Climate Change!

November 3, 2020

By Paul Homewood


h/t Dennis Ambler



Let them eat cake!



Prince William struggled to hide his "frustration" with political leaders during a podcast appearance earlier this week. The Duke of Cambridge spoke with climate change podcast Outrage + Optimism about his Earthshot Prize – a £50million competition prize to tackle environmental issues. During his guest appearance, Prince William vented about what "keeps him awake at night" as he "called out" political leaders.

The Duke of Cambridge revealed that he lies awake at night worrying that world leaders and politicians are failing to do enough to stop climate change.

He said: "I get outraged by the inaction.

"That’s probably a bit of a cliché but that is what I get most troubled about."

Prince William acknowledged his "position of responsibility" as leading royal and future King.

The Duke said: "Especially as I’m in a position of responsibility if you like, or leadership I feel like I can do a lot more given that ability."

He added: “So, therefore, I don’t understand why those who have the levers, don’t.

"I think that’s what really upsets me and keeps me awake at night."

Prince William appeared on the podcast with environmental activists and a former UN Climate Change chief Christiana Figueres


it is not clear which “political leaders” he is talking about, but perhaps somebody ought to tell him that he should be addressing the leaders of India, China and the rest of Asia, not the home audience.

Rowan Dean was particularly scathing about Prince Charles in the Sky report I covered earlier about the Great Reset.

Given this latest Marie Antoinette like intervention from Witless Willie, Rowan might like to add him to the list!

  1. Geoff B permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:03 pm

    Like father like son…….shows the benefits of a good education NOT.

    • John Palmer permalink
      November 3, 2020 12:10 pm

      It was in the ‘jeans’ – where it probably should have stayed…..

  2. CheshireRed permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:06 pm

    Daddy, Jonathan Porritt and David Attenborough have a LOT to answer for.

  3. cajwbroomhill permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:07 pm

    What a disappointment that HRH should comment on climate change.
    He had seemed quite sensible.

  4. November 3, 2020 12:08 pm

    Maybe he is worried about the HOTHOUSE EARTH thing. I must admit that it’s pretty scary, having read through a few of the hothouse earth projections.

    • cajwbroomhill permalink
      November 3, 2020 12:09 pm

      The oriental nations are not scared, so why need we be?

  5. richardw permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:12 pm

    Of modest intelligence, they simply follow the narrative. Many of us lie awake at night worrying about exactly the opposite – the damaging effects of attempts to eliminate fossil fuels – so why he should be viewed preferentially i don’t know.

  6. November 3, 2020 12:21 pm

    Perhaps he should try talking to all those kept awake at night by the relentless noise and infrasound from windfarms. Presumably neither he nor his father have any near their homes. Do they ever read any evidence, e.g. that UK carbon emissions are not even worth bothering about in the grand scheme of things?

    • dennisambler permalink
      November 4, 2020 5:46 pm

      Windfarms are the family business

      “Industry experts expect the complex bidding process to raise record sums, which could increase energy bills and hand a windfall to the crown – potentially generating hundreds of millions for the Queen.

      The Crown Estate, which manages the monarch’s property portfolio, holds exclusive rights to lease the seabed around the British Isles for wind and wave power. Its profits go to the Treasury, which then sends 25% back to the royal household in the form of the sovereign grant.

      The sovereign grant was increased two years ago, from its previous level of 15%, in order to pay for extensive renovations at Buckingham Palace. It is to stay at 25% for a 10-year period, meaning the royal household should benefit directly from the money raised from the new leases.

      The Crown Estate does not make its forecasts public. However, if the government’s 2030 target is met, the Queen [or King Charles, or King William] could be collecting more than £100m a year within a decade.”

  7. Peter F Gill permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:26 pm

    Matt Sinclair would say “Let Them Eat Carbon”.

    • November 3, 2020 1:34 pm

      And we will … all eat carbon, that is … or die.

  8. Harry Passfield permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:31 pm

    I always thought – hoped – that the inbred arrogance of privilege would gradually diminish as the royals got more involved in the world in which their subjects live. But I was wrong. Believing that Man can change nature and control the weather and thus, the climate is the epitome of arrogance. Does he think that he can issue an edict and it will be thus?

    • A C Osborn permalink
      November 3, 2020 4:33 pm

      Ho, you need to believe it.
      There are Climate Engineering projects out there that could literally end life on earth if they get it wrong.
      Like dimming the sun for instance, instant Ice Age with no time to prepare.

  9. Malcolm Bell permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:49 pm

    Tell him that climate change is something we can adapt to. The big issue (and climate change driver) is population growth and the British Royal Family are one of the worst examples of over breeding. His gamily is more guilty than most of us.

  10. Mad Mike permalink
    November 3, 2020 12:59 pm

    I tried to leave a comment on the Express story but was thwarted even though I logged in. Could be the reason that there was only 3 comments, none of them sympathetic.

    I knew that children were worried enough by the propaganda to have their sleep affected but I thought grown ups were supposed to have fully developed brains.

  11. Richard Crowley permalink
    November 3, 2020 1:15 pm

    Vive la Republique!!!!

  12. Broadlands permalink
    November 3, 2020 1:20 pm

    “The Duke of Cambridge revealed that he lies awake at night worrying that world leaders and politicians are failing to do enough to stop climate change. He said: “I get outraged by the inaction.”

    This is a very typical reaction to the global warming climate emergency. Call for quick action to stop the climate from changing. But do not specify what that action might be, nor how it could be achieved. Just do something. And do it soon. These celebrities and the scientists who ‘feed’ them should be required to specify what action they recommend could possibly lower global temperatures. How long it would take and what it would cost. Good luck on that.

    • gosportmike permalink
      November 3, 2020 3:53 pm

      You missed how you would know your actions were working.

  13. Gerry, England permalink
    November 3, 2020 1:41 pm

    It is sad to say that the end of the Monarchy looks likely as the succession seems to only hold ignorance and stupidity. Don’t think that an elected Head of State will be any improvement given the dross that gets enobled in the House of Lords.

    If we did get a vote them I am for Queen Anne II to be followed by Queen Zara I think.

    • Malcolm Bell permalink
      November 3, 2020 4:18 pm

      Look at the intellectual giant Zara married. She had to go to Australia to tell him to behave.

      • Harry Passfield permalink
        November 3, 2020 6:21 pm

        I think Mike Tindall has more smarts than Charlie. Then again, I’m not going to argue the toss with him. 🙂

  14. November 3, 2020 1:41 pm

    The ‘claimed lack of sleep’ shows that our leaders are really just the highest class of followers. Carbon life forms fearing carbon are not intellectual giants but rather nonthinkers. Someone had to place that irrational thought into their heads

  15. ThinkingScientist permalink
    November 3, 2020 3:09 pm

    The hubris.

    Not content with the delusion of controlling the climate, apparently the UK lockdown is about controlling the virus.

    The lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum.

    Why is that in our monarchy the Queens seem to be the most sane?

  16. mikewaite permalink
    November 3, 2020 4:11 pm

    He is married to a beautiful woman and lies awake at night worrying about climate change.
    What a ….(no I won’t say it)

  17. Joe Public permalink
    November 3, 2020 5:44 pm

    • Harry Passfield permalink
      November 3, 2020 6:29 pm

      Joe, I had a 3rd line manager like that. You could argue the ins and outs of a certain strategy and he would just come back with: ‘So what’. It seemed to work…I just wish William had someone who could say as much to him.

  18. Mad Mike permalink
    November 3, 2020 5:55 pm

    We are seeing untold mental health issues surfacing. the 2 big ones are CC and CV19. I’ll stick to CC. The whole scenario of the climate models is based on man made emission, mostly CO2, being mostly responsible for CC. I saw a video where a whole load of model projections followed more or less the same course and this was cited as proof that the trend points to certain end game where we all die. The fact, and this is about the only fact, that, as so many model produced by eminent scientists, all point to one conclusion,( thats the fact) then the consensus must be right.

    Well they would wouldn’t they. If they all use CO2 as being a major greenhouse gas then they would come up with similar conclusions. Take away that proposition and the models fall on their face. So what needs to be done is to prove that CO2 is not a major greenhouse gas. There have been a few hard to follow articles that claim to say just that but we need a Janet and John explanation that even journalists (and me) can readily understand.

    We need to get a move on or we’ll be stuck with another mad king after the current in line thicko is promoted beyond his capabilities and dutifully passes on.

  19. sixlittlerabbits permalink
    November 3, 2020 7:39 pm

    How disappointing. I thought William would follow the Queen in regard to political matters. Charles and both sons are dippy. My condolences from across the Pond, where I’ve just returned from voting for Donald J. Trump.

  20. Jackington permalink
    November 3, 2020 8:32 pm

    I think he is spending too much time with Christiana Figueres no wonder he is having sleepless nights – she frightens the s*** out of me.

  21. November 3, 2020 10:02 pm

    He’ll never have sleepless nights over his power bills, unlike some of his future ‘subjects’ thanks to crazy climate nonsense.

    • Curious George permalink
      November 4, 2020 1:48 am

      He has excellent instincts. He feel it’s getting too hot for Princes, and faults the Climate Change.

  22. November 4, 2020 12:25 am

    Mental illness maybe.
    He should seek psychiatric care.

  23. stevejay permalink
    November 4, 2020 2:18 pm

    What keeps me awake at night is the thought that our gormless politicians are going to press on with useless expensive green energy policies and expect the taxpayers and consumers to pay for their incompetence.
    Are ALL politicians that stupid or do they have a vested interest in green energy schemes?
    Who are they taking advice from, William or Charles?

  24. bill permalink
    November 7, 2020 3:08 pm

    mostly its liberal women who are “toasty the toaster”
    she was a brainless and a witless you know
    however it appears we have a toaster for sure in this fellow toaster.

  25. Mickey Reno permalink
    November 9, 2020 6:40 pm

    TRIGGER WARNING, ridicule of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming memes and cultists ahead. Read at your own risk.

    Question: If your father is a tampon, and your mother was a princess by marriage, does that make William and Harry the two half-tampon princes? Or are they just a couple of maxi-pads?

    Sorry if my indelicacy in talking about women’s hygiene products offends but I didn’t start it, and besides, the health and safety of the entire biosphere of Earth demands these issues be discussed seriously.

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