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Coldplay’s Virtue Signalling World Tour

October 16, 2021

By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness



This must be in the running for the Virtue Signalling of the Year Award!



Coldplay’s next tour will partly be powered by a dancefloor that generates electricity when fans jump up and down, and pedal power at the venues.

It’s part of a 12-point plan to cut their carbon footprint, two years after the band pledged not to tour until they could do so in a more sustainable way.

Singer Chris Martin told the BBC in his first interview about the plans that fans will be on "kinetic flooring".

"When they move, they power the concert," he said.

"And we have bicycles too that do the same thing," Martin told BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson.

Coldplay will also plant a tree for every ticket sold. On their last tour in 2016-17, they played to 5.4 million people. That made it one of the biggest tours of all time, earning more than $500m (£380m).

The singer said he accepted there would be backlash about some of their activities, such as continuing to fly on private jets.

"I don’t mind any backlash at all," he said. "We’re trying our best, and we haven’t got it perfect. Absolutely. We always have backlash for everything.

"And the people that give us backlash for that kind of thing, for flying, they’re right. So we don’t have any argument against that."


Now I admit I did not do GCEs in Kinetic Flooring, but I strongly suspect that far more energy went into making that floor than the energy it will save.

And all of those private jets? Yeah, we know we’re being hypocritical, but up yours!

  1. devonblueboy permalink
    October 16, 2021 9:58 am

    Rock bands are well noted for their high levels of scientific and economic knowledge!

    • In The Real World permalink
      October 16, 2021 10:59 am

      The whole idea is to go along with the propaganda so that they won,t become shunned by by all of their gullible fans .

      The world has warmed up by about 1 deg C since the end of the little ice age .
      Even if you believe that CO2 causes warming , [ all of the facts show that warming causes more CO2 ]], then the amount produced by people , [ which is only about 3% of the total ] has been responsible for only 0.03 deg C of warming .
      But the massive amount of lies & propaganda put out by the greens has caused lots of people to actually believe the impossible , that human Co2 causes Global Warming .

      • October 16, 2021 12:24 pm

        Especially when atmospheric CO2 is only .001% of all the CO2 on the planet

    • David Wild permalink
      October 16, 2021 12:07 pm

      Mostly true, though Brian Cox and Brian May both became professors of astronomy – so maybe not totally dumb!

      • October 16, 2021 12:26 pm

        Agreed, I had forgotten about those 2 exceptions to the rule

      • David Parker permalink
        October 17, 2021 2:24 pm

        Perhaps they are muddling Astronomy with Astrology

      • Mike permalink
        October 18, 2021 5:27 pm

        Cox was one of those who claimed that ‘The Science is Settled’ (on BBC). Given that there are tens of thousands doing climate research (i.e. searching for the unsettled bits) and we are paying trillions of dollars in grants. That is not only scientifically illiterate but exceptionally dumb.

    • I don't believe it! permalink
      October 17, 2021 12:24 am

      Don’t know what degrees they did but pretty certain they met at Uni in London.
      Doesn’t mean to say Chris Martin isn’t a pratt, but I do like their music!

  2. Barrie Emmett permalink
    October 16, 2021 10:00 am

    Our local garden centre has a shortage of trees. Not sure where they’re sourcing them and who’s going to do the planting. Pathetic grandstanding.

    • MrGrimNasty permalink
      October 16, 2021 5:09 pm

      There’s no shortage of the 1 or 2 yo saplings they usually plant for most of these schemes.

      Since Brexit it is thankfully much harder to import diseased stock and soil from the EU so the larger potted tree sizes from the massive EU nursery industry are in shorter supply.

      Obviously it’ll take a few years for UK growers to meet market supply volume in the bigger more mature tree sizes.

    • matt dalby permalink
      October 17, 2021 8:16 pm

      As far as I can tell a lot of this tree planting is nothing but a scam. Large commercial forestry organisations such as the Forestry Commission (or whatever they now call themselves) and their equivalent in other countries plant millions of trees every year to replace the ones they harvest. They then sell carbon credits/tree planting certificates to gullible virtue signallers for trees that would’ve been planted anyway.
      Also if it’s claimed that a tree will offset (for example) a ton of CO2 emissions this will take 40+ years by which time we’ll all of cooked/drowned or otherwise be dead if the alarmists are correct.
      The whole thing is just a modern day version of the medieval church selling indulgences so people could keep sinning and still get time off purgatory.

  3. NeilC permalink
    October 16, 2021 10:16 am

    Just how much energy is used for all their equipment, speakers, lighting musical instruments etc. I am quite sure the bouncy floor ain’t going to generate a fraction of their usage.

    • Subseaeng permalink
      October 16, 2021 10:42 am

      Apparently all coming from “renewable electricity”! Yeah, right.

    • Mad Mike permalink
      October 16, 2021 11:55 am

      Look for the diesel generators behind the stage.

      • tomo permalink
        October 16, 2021 10:32 pm

        Mad Mike


        An acoustic set by candle light and an all wooden stage sheathed with organic fabrics does seem unlikely…

  4. Douglas Dragonfly permalink
    October 16, 2021 10:33 am

    Souvenir tour T-shirts will be
    hairshirt cilices from now on too.

  5. October 16, 2021 10:34 am

    The idea of kinetic floors is magical thinking

    Friday 10;30pm BBC1 Graham Norton show
    Coldplay plugging their current single/tour …BBC love them cos of their Climate pledges
    – Jodie Whittaker discusses embarking on her final series of Doctor Who.
    – Comedian and writer Lenny Henry plugging his book
    – Billy Connolly plugging his book
    – Actor Eileen Atkins plugging her book (which is also on BBC Radio4 daily)

    #BBCdontDoAdverts …/sarc

  6. Denis permalink
    October 16, 2021 11:02 am

    Paul Homewood. I do not get you. I was under the impression that your postings were made because you do not believe Carbon dioxide is causing global warming and you think the warming that has taken place is due to other factors such as the increasing world population of humans and their animals or something else.
    If you don’t believe Carbon dioxide is the culprit why slate a band as their carbon print does not matter.

    • October 16, 2021 1:15 pm

      But they do, and their hypocrisy needs to be highlighted

    • MrGrimNasty permalink
      October 16, 2021 5:27 pm

      Bizarre comment Dennis – regardless of the truth/reason of climate change, all these stories are part of the tidal wave of centrally coordinated politics/propaganda campaigns, why would you not challenge every part of the big lie, when the end result will be to destroy all of our lives/prosperity/freedoms?

    • October 17, 2021 11:09 am

      Most skeptics do not deny that under laboratory conditions adding more CO2 has a warming effect, their argument is about how this plays out in the real world
      mainly against an alarmist viewpoint that more CO2 inevitably leads to run away warming in just a few years.
      However alarmists have never proven what the CO2 sensitivity is in the real world.
      If sensitivity is pretty low then there is no pressing problem.

  7. October 16, 2021 11:03 am

    They got their headlines. Job done.

    • Martin Brumby permalink
      October 16, 2021 11:21 am


      Sorry old chap but I suspect you’ve got it all wrong!

      News and headlines don’t have anything to do with “facts”!

      After all, it is only just over a month since several major “news” outlets were remarking that it was 20 years since a couple of planes “collided” with the World Trade Centre.
      Another 10 years and it will be breathlessly recorded that the World Trade Centre jumped up and smote planes carrying a bunch of white supremacists but also wickedly killed a few Saudis.

      Today we have all the reports about Sir David Amess.

      Fear not. By next Thursday it will all be ‘”Old News” and forgotten.

      And we’ll still be treated to tributes to Saint Jo Cox on a weekly basis, whilst Border Force, the RNLI and our fearless Leaders continue aiding and abetting People Smugglers in their noble efforts to replace us with Jihadis from the Religion of Peace.

      • Martin Brumby permalink
        October 16, 2021 11:48 am

        I should have mentioned that, this morning I unusually watched RT for a few minutes. RT is sometimes informative, so long as nothing bears upon Vlad the Bad’s latest exploits or his shareholdings.

        But this morning they had some idiot lady reporter banging on about “Human Rights” and those naughty Hungarians and, now, Lithuanians, who like people coming into the Country to go through the normal border crossing points or to have approached their embassies in theit own country, with appropriate documentation.

        Then she went into a diatribe about Human Rights. OK, a bit rich coming from Russia Today. But I wondered, are these anything to do with the “Human Rights” we used to have, before all our Beloved Leaders spent 20 months gleefully trampling on them?

      • October 16, 2021 4:30 pm

        Martin Brumby….. I agree 100%, often their news as you say not impacting the dictator in the Kremlin can be revealing. You will no doubt not however have been told by RT or the ever so impartial B(LM)BC about the thousands of muslim male migrants that the B list tyrant in Belarus is welcoming into Belarus and currently sending at the Polish border. My money is on Uncle Vlad up to his usual tricks and having asked a favour of the tractor factory guy masquerading as president (Lucashenko) I also think it is not a leap to far to imagine that Uncle Vlad also asked a favour of the Iranians which resulted in the Ukrainian International plane being well and truly shot down just after taking off.

  8. Phoenix44 permalink
    October 16, 2021 11:31 am

    Once again a hugely misleading BBC title. The band are ready for a backlash because its NOT eco-friendly. Martin himself admits that getting a backlash for flying is right. Yet the BBC makes it sound as if they are getting a backlash for it being “eco-friendly”.

    • October 16, 2021 4:20 pm

      What Chris Martin and the rest of those living in the ColdPlay bouncy castle fail to recognise is that they invited the climate/eco fascists to the table. Those marxist nutjobs have a destructive agenda which has nothing to do with gween anything. What ever tit bits they are handed they are liable to bite the fingers off at the armpit!

  9. October 16, 2021 12:16 pm

    They want fans to pay to pedal a bicycle for two hours? To generate enough for one light maybe.
    Jump up and down for climate change.

    Don’t eat that mother, smells like shit to me

    • dennisambler permalink
      October 17, 2021 11:53 am

      Maybe the latest idea for community service, the punishment is to have to go to a Cold Play concert and pedal a bike. Or even just to have to go to a Cold Play concert…

  10. Devoncamel permalink
    October 16, 2021 12:22 pm

    A look at Coldplay’s website reveals the venue list for their ‘World Tour’. Asia and Australasia are off the list so no China or India. How convenient.

  11. 1saveenergy permalink
    October 16, 2021 12:44 pm

    “Now I admit I did not do GCEs in Kinetic Flooring”

    Paul, there goes your entire credibility to comment on climate !!! 😱

  12. Mike Jackson permalink
    October 16, 2021 2:04 pm

    Off topic but interesting. I’m not sure whether this is paywalled or not

    • Devoncamel permalink
      October 17, 2021 8:54 am

      Mike – very much on topic. I read the article and Janet Daley sums up the situation ver succinctly. Martin and his followers are part of the cult.

  13. October 16, 2021 4:15 pm

    A more tangible benefit would be for them to request fans use both sides of the toilet paper when using the portaloos… to “save the planet” or what other asininity they wish to use.

    Just had a thought. We have garbage carbon credits/ certificates….invented by the financial weasels how about floating virtue signalling certificates? I realize given the staggering amount of virtue signalling around that serious certificate devaluation would occur!

    • October 16, 2021 4:46 pm

      First in line would be those people with a green stripe down the side of their electric car number plate

  14. MrGrimNasty permalink
    October 16, 2021 5:21 pm

    On GW Monty was saying how thanks to climate change he can safely leave his banana plants outside throughout October because there is no frost.

    Yes 3 of the ten warmest Autumns in the mean CET have been post-2000, but in an extraordinary run, so were 1729/30/31. So nearly 300 years ago they would have been just as ‘happy’!

    As a long time weather watcher, October is immensely variable year on year, we’ve had years with no frost, then years with runs of nights below -8C. Monty is just playing Russian roulette, based on a false belief of a permanently altered climate.

  15. Adam Gallon permalink
    October 16, 2021 9:47 pm

    Doubtless they only snort eco-friendly coke.

  16. cookers52 permalink
    October 17, 2021 7:49 am

    Chris Martin is just following fashion and the example set by our elected leaders.

    Boris is pouring our money into futile virtue signalling with the full backing of every political party.

    Meanwhile in the real world things go on much the same. An example is flood alleviation, in response to the disastrous 2007 floods parliament introduced legislation to make sure it didn’t happen again, the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

    However enacting this legislation is not going well with government dragging its heels and even abandoning some sections of the carefully thought through legislation. The effect of this government lack of action is to leave people vulnerable to flood risk.

    The reason government is reneging on the requirements of the act is because to upgrade the UK stormwater infrastructure to cope with unavoidable increased urbanisation would cost £170 billion and the flood damage caused by this in 2007 was £4 billion. Undoubtedly when it happens again, climate change will be blamed.

  17. fretslider permalink
    October 17, 2021 10:25 am

    There are no fans at rehearsals and sound checks

    Do they jump and play?


    Amplifiers etc are power hungry

  18. October 17, 2021 11:22 am

    Times Newspaper
    Coldplay “the comeback album Music of the Spheres is disappointingly shallow, says @WillJHodgkinson in @TimesArts
    — fluff from a band who lost their way”

    GoWoke GoBroke

  19. Peter MacFarlane permalink
    October 17, 2021 11:42 am

    Some years ago I was at a “world exhibition” or something like that, in Glasgow. There was a small rock-band-type stage, very loud and brightly lit, which was – allegedly – powered by bicycles; passing visitors were invited to pedal for a while “to keep the lights on”.

    Now this was before the days of LED-equipped stage lighting, and to my fairly experienced eye there was around 15-20Kw of lighting being used. And the power for this, we were invited to believe, came from about ten old bicycles driving those tiny dynamos that rub against the tyres. Really.

    The sad thing is. with the state of education these days there were probably plenty of people who thought this was real.

  20. tom0mason permalink
    October 17, 2021 3:03 pm

    Coldplay and the BBC offer more free KoolAid to gullible fans.

  21. October 17, 2021 4:53 pm

    ITV as well ” about another climateCult band
    On Unscripted @NinaNannarITV chats to @wardthomasmusic
    about Busking for Our Planet and how the climate crisis could mean an end to world tours.”
    podcast :

    Ahead of climate summit COP26, the twin sisters tell Nina about Busking For Our Planet, their pop-up street performances in aid of various environmental charities.
    They also explain how their upbringing on a farm informed their climate change activism.
    And in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, should musicians forsake international tours? Ward Thomas share their thoughts


  22. October 17, 2021 5:31 pm

    BBC1 8:00pm – 9:00pm The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet

    From Alexandra Palace in London, Dermot O’Leary and Clara Amfo host a star-studded event at which Prince William will hand out the first Earthshot Prize awards.
    Five inspiring projects that are tackling urgent environmental challenges will receive £1 million each.
    Performing guests include Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Yemi Alade, KSI and Shawn Mendes.
    if achieved by 2030, will improve life for generations to come. Five £1 million prizes will be awarded each year for the next ten years.

    If you decided to put Climate Cultist stuff on one channel called Desperate and Bonkers
    ..there’d be plenty of progs

    Sunday 6pm BBC2
    Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline
    Ade travels through the stunning water world of Bangladesh’s Ganges delta, before heading into the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.
    Ade discovers how Bhutan isn’t just carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative.
    (Green dream fake thinking)

    9pm Channel4 has 90 minutes about stopping trash
    where people will dress up in their own daily rubbish

    Stupid idea cos the biggest waste is people buying crap they don’t need ..rather than the packaging
    which can all be burnt safely to fuel incinerators anyway.

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