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On Your Bike!

July 5, 2022

By Paul Homewood

Scotland’s contribution to fighting climate change!



  1. July 5, 2022 10:38 am

    How wonderful – thank you

  2. It doesn't add up... permalink
    July 5, 2022 10:44 am

    At least it’s somewhere for them to indulge in whatever they’ve been smoking.

  3. Tim Leeney permalink
    July 5, 2022 10:51 am

    That’s all right then, we can all relax.

  4. July 5, 2022 10:55 am

    Who is kidding who?

  5. W Flood permalink
    July 5, 2022 11:02 am

    I live in Dumfries and Galloway and we constantly get all this climate stuff. I must say in defence that its proximity to England means that we get a lot of hippy type English moving in. They are easy to spot – funny clothes, funny hair, funny accent, scruffy, pushing a bike. At 20% it has the highest percentage of English in Scotland. Sometimes called Mexicans, since they are from South of the border.

    • James Neill permalink
      July 5, 2022 11:22 am

      Does that make the Scots Americans?

      • Ben Vorlich permalink
        July 5, 2022 1:50 pm

        Certainly a lot of Americans have them have ancestors from Scotland, not all of whom went voluntarily.

    • cookers52 permalink
      July 6, 2022 6:17 am

      To W Flood. This must be a parody comment, as the Scots don’t blame the English for everything!

  6. Joe Public permalink
    July 5, 2022 11:21 am

    Scotland’s contribution to fighting climate change was to host a CO26 gab-fest to which 39,000 important people flew or used other fossil-fuelled transport to attend in person. Nearly all ‘on expenses’ financed mainly by taxpayers.

    All named & shamed here:

    Click to access PLOP_COP26.pdf

    • Martin Brumby permalink
      July 5, 2022 11:58 am

      This list is a joy to peruse.

      Even the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea sent three people (albeit all from the London Embassy).

      The lists of “Climate Scientists” from places like Equitorial Guinea, Yemen, the Seychelles, Tuvalu and so on are quite amusing.

      Not to mention pages 787-800, full of UK geniuses. Not to mention all the extra geniuses from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, The Royal Society and God knows what else.

      But can’t find the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha.

      • Mike Jackson permalink
        July 5, 2022 12:49 pm

        Andorra sent 4. Angola sent 102. I haven’t dared to look any further yet. You would imagine that in the real world Angola would have had better things to do with the people’s money.
        But you have to admire the success of the scam. 40,000 people flocking TO Glasgow in November — for no good reason. Your average snake oil salesman would have given anything to have one-hundredth of that number of mugs!

  7. Martin Brumby permalink
    July 5, 2022 11:24 am

    It would have been good if they had designed the bike rack properly, especially one (as here) that has apparently been subject to yobbos jumping up and down on the roof.

    I wonder if it has ever been successful in “tackling” even one school run?

  8. edwardrodolph1891 permalink
    July 5, 2022 11:54 am

    Only the fringe’s few nuts were ever taken in by the ‘global warmin’ nonsense, but we can now rely on the fish woman’s gang (sturgeon&co) to ‘tackle it’ anyway.

  9. David Calder permalink
    July 5, 2022 12:04 pm

    That sad shed sums up a lot of what we can look forward too under net zero (unless it gets cancelled)

  10. TIM GETTINS permalink
    July 5, 2022 12:23 pm

    Turn again Barnett!

    • Ray Sanders permalink
      July 6, 2022 4:25 pm

      I always though the “Barnett Formula” was a hair shampoo….!

  11. dearieme permalink
    July 5, 2022 12:35 pm

    Ah, the school run. In my 13 years of schooling I can remember exactly one school run. The heavens had opened at a Noah’s Ark rate and my father said “Jump in the car and I’ll take you to school.” And that was it. Otherwise it was Shanks’s pony or the bike, come rain, come shine.

    • Ben Vorlich permalink
      July 5, 2022 1:54 pm

      I had a taxi to Primary School, 4 miles away, and a taxi and bus to Secondary School about 15 miles away. Very cruelly I made my children walk the 1.5 miles to their secondary school after doing their paper rounds

      • devonblueboy permalink
        July 5, 2022 1:58 pm

        Quite so, tough love is the way to go 🤣🤣

      • July 5, 2022 3:00 pm

        A few weeks ago I went back to where I lived 60 years ago and driving from the primary school to former home I thought it seemed a long way to walk to school – I’ve just looked on the map – about 1.5 miles – including during that great winter 62/63.

        Tell that to the kids today.

      • daerrieme permalink
        July 5, 2022 10:02 pm

        The winter of ’63 was just fine because the nearest part of the cow pasture over the wall from our garden wasn’t muddy so I had a splendid shortcut that was usually useful only outside the muddy months. What I can’t remember was whether I wore wellies. Surely I must have done.

    • T Walker permalink
      July 5, 2022 3:10 pm

      You must be a lot younger than me dearie.My Dad didn’t have a car until I had left school.

      Still the climate was a lot colder then of course (wink wink).

      • T Walker permalink
        July 5, 2022 3:17 pm

        Mr Tallboys (I apologise if that does not point to the correct pronoun) – that winter three work mates and I spent a month living in a static caravan. It was rather cold and the Elsan froze – don’t ask.

        Tell that to the kids today.

      • Mike Jackson permalink
        July 5, 2022 3:57 pm

        In this game of oneupmanship …. I remember the winter of ’47 when the snow was almost to the top of the telegraph poles and half the family was snowed in and the half was snowed out!!
        In ’63 I drove from Leicester to Northumberland for my grandfather’s funeral, a journey not made easier by the fact that it was in the middle of the first attempt to upgrade the A1 round Wetherby. That was fun. Not.
        The only bit of light relief (and this is without a word of a lie) was on the return journey where in the middle of all this guddle of ice, snow and temporarily abandoned machinery was an RAC blue sign for ‘Stockbridge Experimental Horticultural Station’ (which used to be at Cawood, near Selby. Maybe still is). Underneath some joker had propped a contractor’s sign: ‘Caution Heavy Plant Crossing,
        I can still see it to this day!!

      • Will permalink
        July 5, 2022 5:58 pm

        I well remember the winter of ’63 – it was the only time that my secondary school had ever closed – just for the first 3 days of term. I lived on a farm at that time, we were fine with wood and coal for heating, however some of our neighbours found their heating oil froze in the outdoor tanks, so they had no heating. We had snow on the ground from Boxing Day ’62 until the first week of March ’63.

      • devonblueboy permalink
        July 6, 2022 8:16 am

        That was the time I rode my bike across the frozen River Thames at Hampton Court.

  12. roger permalink
    July 5, 2022 3:49 pm

    that bike shed would not have been deemed fit for purpose in the early fifties when the backs of bike sheds were used for many a nefarious yet enjoyable encounter.

    • Philip Mulholland permalink
      July 5, 2022 3:58 pm

      Quite so, not much privacy behind that bike rack.

  13. tomo permalink
    July 5, 2022 3:53 pm

  14. Geoff Carter permalink
    July 5, 2022 4:04 pm

    Perhaps the Government at Westminster hasn’t provided the SNP with enough money to buy the bikes!

  15. mjr permalink
    July 5, 2022 5:12 pm

    off topic … but BBC2 Politics Today had a piece on the XR protests at National Gallery. Had some mad hysterical woman on video link ranting about how we are all going to die. the usual stuff. No balance, no challenge to the falsehoods she was spouting ….

  16. July 5, 2022 6:55 pm

    The roof seems to be loosing the “fight” against gravity obviously correct construction no longer matters when virtue signalling.

  17. Harry Passfield permalink
    July 5, 2022 8:01 pm

    Whenever I see ‘initiatives’ like this – and the way they fail to deliver – I always, always wonder, just which SNP member’s best friend’s Father-in-law is making a wedge from the phoney contract. Saving the world from climate change is a licence to print money.

  18. Kestrel 27 permalink
    July 5, 2022 8:35 pm

    This is an absolute classic. Hilarious. Thank you so much!

  19. MrGrimNasty permalink
    July 5, 2022 8:35 pm

    Idiot McGrath fails to see stupidity of crackpot scheme or ask the important questions.
    A sand battery, rather a storage heater, it may be relatively cheap as a storage solution, but it still introduces more cost, more inefficiency, requires more energy for more materials to build, just to paper over the cracks of unreliable so called renewables.

    Someone can check, but I reckon 100T of sand raised 480C will hold 11200kwh, or about the annual gas use of one house in the UK – which is mostly for heating, so perhaps one of these silos would be required for every 4 houses to be reasonably useful. Utter utter madness.

    • tomo permalink
      July 5, 2022 9:08 pm

      Can we crowd source 100T of hot sand to be delivered to Matt’s place?

    • Ray Sanders permalink
      July 5, 2022 10:26 pm

      Certainly cannot fault your maths and physics Mr. GM. Specific heat of sand is about 830j/kg.
      Pretty straightforward calculation comes to your figure.

      • Malcolm Skipper permalink
        July 5, 2022 10:54 pm


      • MrGrimNasty permalink
        July 5, 2022 10:58 pm

        Thanks for checking, I make all sorts of embarrassin mistakes these days!

      • MrGrimNasty permalink
        July 5, 2022 10:59 pm

        And there’s another.

    • Graeme No.3 permalink
      July 5, 2022 11:43 pm

      Love some of the comments on the youtube view.
      Lots of Praise-Be, we are all saved but some sceptics

      “I like to imagine a world where institutions like the BBC thought we all had enough brain cells to be told the efficiency of storage, the capacity and cost and perhaps even the levelised cost of electricity from renewables using this tech if we were to scale up.”

      “I had economy 7 brick radiators back in 1998 in my first flat.”

      “Wow, probably the most content free reporting on green energy I’ve seen for some time. What does one do with the hot sand? Do people drive to the sand silo and pick up a bucket full?”

      “4mins of mostly irrelevant drivel. the only important point was: if sand can be heated to up to 500°C and stored in a silo for months while not losing significant amounts of heat, how come this has not been exploited for ages? and how much does it cost?”

      It seems that the BBC hasn’t convinced as many as they think.

      • Will permalink
        July 6, 2022 1:45 pm

        The level of scientific illiteracy is literally f’kin staggering in these YouTube comments. I genuinely despair! These people must be shills, surely!!??!

    • MrGrimNasty permalink
      July 6, 2022 8:49 am

      Gosh, as McGrath mentioned, they even plan to turn it back to electricity. What a bright new future we have.

      • Ray Sanders permalink
        July 6, 2022 10:09 am

        Hi again GM. I attempted to post the following as a comment on the BBC article (I saved it to my clipboard just in case)

        “Always be very suspicious when few numbers are given. The specific heat of sand is 0.83kJ/kg. 100 tonnes is 100,000kg. The thermal uplift here (ΔT) is presumably 480°C.
        Thus 0.83 x 100,000 x 480 ÷ 3.6 (conversion to watthours) = 11,067kWh .
        A typical UK household uses approx. 12,000kWh per annum of gas for hot water and space heating. So start to think about the cost of this to store enough energy for just one home.
        Perhaps BBC environment journalists might find a science education useful.”

        Surprise, surprise my post was deleted.

      • devonblueboy permalink
        July 7, 2022 11:39 am

        If the BBC environment correspondents had a scientific education they would be disqualified from the job.

      • MrGrimNasty permalink
        July 6, 2022 11:14 am

        They don’t like facts Ray, they have delusional faith. It might be worth posting raw facts without the digs though? But as I have been banned from just about every national and local news source for emotionless contrary facts and sources, I doubt it.

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