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General election 2019: Green Party pledges £100bn a year for climate action

November 6, 2019

By Paul Homewood


Who let the loonies out?


The Green Party will pledge to invest £100bn a year in climate action for a decade if it gets into power.

Launching her campaign in Bristol, co-leader Sian Berry will say: "Some things are even bigger than Brexit. This must be the climate election."

The party says it will fund the pledge by borrowing £91.2bn a year, with a further £9bn from "tax changes" including a rise in corporation tax.

The Greens will also set out plans to make Britain carbon neutral by 2030.


As if the other parties promises were not bade enough!

£100bn equates to £3700 for every household in the country. Does it not occur to these morons that, sooner or later, it will all have to be paid back.

The Green’s co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, even seems to think spending all of this money will actually make a difference to the climate:

We have to make this investment if we’re going to tackle the climate emergency.

"And we have to make it now rather than in 10 years’ time because we know the change has to come and be completed in 10 years.

Of course, it will save us a hell of a lot money in the long run. The climate emergency – if it comes to fruition – does not bear thinking about in terms of the cost of trillions to the economy."

Cuomo’s Fake Claims About Extreme Rainfall

November 5, 2019

By Paul Homewood




Cuomo also implied in that MSNBC interview earlier that extreme rainfall was getting much worse in NY State.

However there is absolutely no evidence of that at all at the long running Ithaca station, or New York itself:



Highest Daily Precipitation by Year

CLUELESS! NY Gov. Cuomo Says There Were No Hurricanes Before Global Warming

November 5, 2019

By Paul Homewood


If you thought the BBC were bad enough, check out this MSNBC interview with NY Governor Cuomo following some floods in the State:


Note how he is allowed to get away with such blatantly and obviously false claims that “we did not use to have hurricanes, we did not have super storms, we did not have tornadoes”.

The Lid takes apart such ridiculous claims, with a collection of old newspaper stories of just such events in NY State:



The National Hurricane Center have this graphic, showing tropical cyclone tracks since 1851. (The reds and oranges are hurricanes).

There is nothing unusual about hurricanes hitting the northeast: 



Same story with tornadoes in NY:


Why don’t the media do the job they are supposed to do?

Mojave Desert solar plant kills 6,000 birds a year

November 5, 2019

By Paul Homewood



Shocking news from the LA Times:



Reporting from NIPTON, Calif. —

A macabre fireworks show unfolds each day along I-15 west of Las Vegas, as birds fly into concentrated beams of sunlight and are instantly incinerated, leaving wisps of white smoke against the blue desert sky.

Workers at the Ivanpah Solar Plant have a name for the spectacle: “Streamers.”

And the image-conscious owners of the 390-megawatt plant say they are trying everything they can think of to stop the slaughter.

Federal biologists say about 6,000 birds die from collisions or immolation annually while chasing flying insects around the facility’s three 40-story towers, which catch sunlight from five square miles of garage-door-size mirrors to drive the plant’s power-producing turbines.



So much for “green energy”!

Attenborough Gets His Facts Wrong Again About Walrus

November 4, 2019

By Paul Homewood


h/t Robin Guenier


Following Episode 1, where he got his facts about albatrosses wrong, David Attenborough has now turned his attention to walruses.

Surprise, surprise, they’re all in danger from global warming:


At the start of the programme, we see thousands of Pacific walrus hauled out on a spit of land somewhere in Siberia.

Attenborough informs viewers in his best undertaker tones:

For most of the year, they feed out in the Arctic Ocean, emerging to rest on the sea ice.

But now climate change has melted the ice here, and the only place within reach of their feeding grounds where they can rest are a few beaches, such as this one.

100,000 of them, almost the entire world population are here.


Once again, he has grossly misled viewers.

Read more…

Falling Walruses: Attenborough Tacitly Admits Netflix Deception

November 4, 2019

By Paul Homewood



The GWPF have just issued this press release regarding yesterday’s episode of David Attenborough’s latest series:


Back in the spring, he was accused of deceiving viewers when he claimed, in his Netflix show Our Planet, that walruses were falling off Siberian clifftops as a result of climate change.

This was shown to be untrue by Canadian biologist and mammal expert Dr Susan Crockford, who described the abundant scientific literature, dating back many decades, showing that walruses have always taken to the land, and even fallen from clifftops. She also pointed out that the footage Attenborough used to make his case seemed to have come from a well-documented incident when walruses had been driven over cliffs by polar bears.

Yesterday, in his new BBC documentary Seven Worlds, One Planet, Attenborough again showed falling walruses, but this time making it quite clear that polar bears were driving them off the cliff. Remarkably, however, the footage he used appears to be from the same incident and shot by the same cameraman as shown in his Netflix documentary, despite the producers’ claims at the time that no bears had been in the vicinity.

Attenborough therefore seems to be tacitly admitting that the claims he made in the Netflix film, and the denials issued by the show’s camera team and producers, were untrue.

GWPF director Dr Benny Peiser welcomed Attenborough’s climb-down. 

We can only be pleased that Sir David has stepped back from the deceptive claims he made in his Netflix show. He and the producers should apologise for the trick they pulled and withdraw the Netflix film that has badly misled and unnecessarily traumatised millions of people and news media around the world”.

Vast Swathes Of UK To Be Underwater In 80 Yrs Time–Daily Mirror

November 4, 2019

By Paul Homewood



The Daily Mirror goes to new lengths of absurdity:


A chilling new map has revealed how parts of the UK will be left underwater in a matter of decades as climate change causes sea levels to rise.

Major areas such as Liverpool, London and Humberside could be left completely submerged as early as 2100, according to research from Climate Central.

Most scientists agree that climate change is melting polar ice sheets, adding significant amounts of water to the world’s oceans.

A detailed new study has revealed how low-lying coastal areas across the world are now at risk of being completely flooded.

Vast swathes of Britain could be wiped out by the encroaching waters which are represented by a terrifying red block.

Cardiff, Swansea and north Wales, east Yorkshire and Hull, Peterborough and Norfolk, and the coast from Lancaster to Liverpool could be submerged in just 80 years time – unless urgent action is taken immediately.

Some 3.6 million people in Britain would face annual flooding and up to 5.4 million by 2100 if carbon emissions continue unchecked.

Coastal defences would need developing at great cost to protect householders from floods.

Climate Central found that if temperatures went up 4°C from pre-industrial levels the seas could rise by as much as 10.8 metres. 


Sea level rise of 10.8 metres? Really?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, sea levels have been rising at a rate of about 7 inches a century since the 19thC, and have barely risen at all in the last two decades:




I see that the Mirror does not even dare to have comments on this article. I wonder why?

Climate change: Thousands invited to join citizens’ assembly

November 2, 2019

By Paul Homewood


Now what could go wrong?


Letters are being sent to 30,000 households across the UK inviting people to join a citizens’ assembly on climate change.

Once participants are selected, the assembly will meet next year, with the outcome of their discussions reported back to Parliament.

The initiative, set up by cross party MPs, will look at what members of the public can do to reduce CO2.

The UK government has committed to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Rachel Reeves, chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee, one of six select committees who commissioned the climate assembly, said a clear roadmap was needed to achieve this goal.

"Finding solutions which are equitable and have public support will be crucial," she said.

"Parliament needs to work with the people and with government to address the challenge of climate change."

Random selection

The invitees to Climate Assembly UK have been selected at random from across the UK. From those who respond, 110 people will be chosen as a representative sample of the population.

They will meet over four weekends from late January in Birmingham, and will discuss topics ranging from transport to household energy use.

A citizens’ assembly has been a key demand of the environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion, whose protests caused widespread disruption this year.

The group said they welcomed this as a first step, but warned that the assembly should be focussing on cutting carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 not 2050.

Spokesperson Linda Doyle said: "Waiting 30 years to reach zero net carbon emissions is a death sentence to people around the world and in the UK – it gives us a higher chance of breaching irreversible tipping points as the climate breaks down and it only serves short term ‘business as usual’."

Complex issues

Environmental group Friends of the Earth said citizens’ assemblies could play an important part in policy-making.

Reasonable? Just take a closer look:

 The invitees to Climate Assembly UK have been selected at random from across the UK. From those who respond, 110 people will be chosen as a representative sample of the population

Most ordinary people won’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to bother with this. What you will end up with is a handful of activists. Any ordinary members of the public who do volunteer will quickly find themselves browbeaten, without the knowledge to defend their views.

Momentum activists have taken over the Labour Party in just the same way, by using a small number of entryists to take over local meetings, thanks to the apathy of most members.

Undoubtedly, MPs will use the recommendations of these “ordinary members of the public” to justify future policy actions, which will be hugely unpopular with the public at large.



 Melanie McDonough has a piece in the Speccie, making the points I have made, but in a much more professional way!

She also makes the important point about who chairs these meetings.


She also makes the important point about who chairs these meetings:

And then there is the chair, the person in charge of the Assembly, in the Irish case,  Mrs. Justice Mary Laffoy, who played a key role in framing the questions put to the groups as they sat round their tables in a hotel in Malahide. The leader of the Assembly has a crucial role in setting the agenda and framing the way the questions are dealt with. Forty experts on various sides addressed the citizens, over five weekends. A friend of mine, a professor of psychiatry at UCD refused the invitation to take part, because she could see from the start that she was being brought in to provide a spurious notion of balance where none actually existed. If the chair is biased (and if Mrs Justice Mary Laffoy voted for the pro-lifers I would not be surprised so much as completely speechless) there is ample opportunity to guide the discussion in a way that produces the result you want.

This is definitely not the way to assess public opinion. It should be immediately rejected by the govt.

Cost Of Disasters Is Falling–Roger Pielke Jr

November 2, 2019

By Paul Homewood

Roger Pielke Jr writes in Forbes:


One of the aims of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forward by the United Nations is to reduce “exposure and vulnerability to climate-related extreme events and other economic, social and environmental shocks and disasters” among the poor and those who may be otherwise vulnerable. To measure progress with respect to this goal the U.N. seeks to “significantly reduce the number of deaths and the number of people affected and substantially decrease the direct economic losses relative to global gross domestic product caused by disasters.”

Based on the U.N. goal, here I’ll focus on recent trends in direct economic losses relative to global gross domestic product (GDP). The evidence indicates that over the past 30 years, disaster losses as a percent of GDP have decreased. That is very good news.

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Weaponization of wildfires reaches fever pitch

November 2, 2019

By Paul Homewood


Joe Bastardi writes at CFACT:


There are a myriad of reasons for why some wildfire seasons are worse than others. The last 3  springs I have made predictions for big wildfire seasons based on one of the factors,  winter and spring rainfall, the ironic thing is if people that weaponize every event were right, and the Perma drought they were forecasting was going on,  there would be much less rain, You see, the more it rains in the winter and spring, the more foliage you are going to have in spring, which, due to the FACT THAT CALIFORNIA IS NORMALLY DRY IN THE SUMMER, is going to dry out and add some extra fuel. This is by no means the only reason but it helps tip the scale,  So this is no surprise, it is like saying there are hurricanes in the hurricane season, guess what? Most years someone is going to get hit and years that they don’t, or wildfires do less damage, are the exception, not the rule, especially with more people living in the way.

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