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GISS Making Up Fictitious Temperatures In Iceland

January 16, 2012
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By Paul Homewood








Real Science has been running a post that seems to show GISS have recently altered temperature records in Iceland and Greenland, so that the last decade appears to be much warmer than the 1940’s in stark contrast to their earlier figures. I therefore thought it might be a good idea to check out what the Iceland Met Office had to say and found this revealing report on their website.


The report is principally based on the temperature records of Stykkishólmur in Western Iceland. The long term trend is :-




It is immediately apparent that the warmest year of 2003 is only a fraction warmer than 1941 and is pretty consistent with the original GISS graph. The report then goes on to compare Stykkishólmur, with Reykjavik and Akureyri, although only back to 1950. This is shown below.



Figure 2. 7-year running means of temperature at three locations in Iceland, Reykjavík (red trace)), Stykkishólmur (blue trace) og Akureyri (green trace).


So it is totally clear that :-

1) The temperature trends for Reykjavik closely follow those of Stykkishólmur, which as we have already seen indicate that the 1940’s were as warm as the 2000’s.

2) The 7 year running mean for Reykjavik by 2003 is only fractionally higher then 1963. Again this would be consistent with the original GISS graph and totally contradicts the latest graph. This can be seen by comparing the 7 year running means using the current GISS database :-

a) Up to 1963 5.45C

b) Up to 2003 6.18C

For further confirmation, the Icelandic Met show the temperature graph for the third town of Akureyri :-



Again it is clear that 2003 is similar to the 1940’s, in stark contrast to GISS:-




How much longer can Hansen get away with such flagrant manipulation of data?



It is interesting to see on the first Icelandic Met graph that the warming trend has been pretty consistent since 1800, albeit with ups and downs. No sign of any accelerating trend there.

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