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Prince Charles to address Cop26

August 14, 2021

By Paul Homewood 


The Prince of Wales will address Cop26, it emerged yesterday, amid concerns that the UN climate conference in November may end in failure.

The government hopes his presence at the pivotal event will help to secure a global deal that keeps alive hopes of limiting global warming to 1.5C. 

I’m sure that will impress the  Chinese!!



China’s expansion of coal-powered steel mills accelerated sharply in the first half of 2021, exposing the government’s reluctance to sacrifice industry-fuelled growth to achieve its climate goals.

Analysis of Chinese government approvals by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, a Finland-based advocacy group, found that 18 steelmaking blast furnaces and 43 coal-fired power plants were announced in the first half of this year. 
As steel prices surged, 35m tonnes of coal-dependent ironmaking capacity was announced in the first half of 2021, more than in all of 2020, CREA found.
If built, the combined coal and steel projects would emit about 150m tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to the total emissions of the Netherlands

  1. DAVID HOWELL permalink
    August 14, 2021 10:02 am

    “Boris Johnson feels the heat” That’ll be Global Warming then, I guess?

  2. Stonyground permalink
    August 14, 2021 10:06 am

    That they invited this prannet as a speaker tells you everything about how seriously we need to take them. Just a bunch of pointless freeloaders milking every last drop out of a non existent problem.

    • Ray Sanders permalink
      August 14, 2021 2:12 pm

      Given that most of the left wing climate alarmist types are also republicans, it really seems unlikely to be a smart move putting a future monarch on the stage! If they are trying to gain popularity with right wing types who all realise Charles is as thick as two short ones then that will not help either. Looks like sight foot, take aim, shoot.

  3. August 14, 2021 10:10 am

    That will indeed impress china as they are waiting in the wings for the Asian Century as they watch the cooperative West make way for the Asian century with their climate insanity.

  4. August 14, 2021 10:16 am

    Perhaps the IPCC could be persuaded to employ him to talk to all the world’s vegetation and persuade it to take up more CO2.

    • August 14, 2021 2:27 pm

      An excellent idea, as it’s well known that plants listen to his words of wisdom!

  5. JBW permalink
    August 14, 2021 10:21 am

    Gaia Fawkes has a nice comment on the upcoming shindig…


  6. Joe Public permalink
    August 14, 2021 10:35 am

    “Prince Charles to address Cop26”


    We’re too late. He himself told us so – in 2009:

  7. Cheshire Red permalink
    August 14, 2021 10:56 am

    If he was serious about ‘tackling climate change’ he would contribute as a virtual speaker, beamed to computers around the world.

    Instead he’ll fly up to Glasgow (or on this one occasion maybe he’ll take a train this to burnish his green credentials?) and speak in person to hundreds of terribly self-important people.

    The kicker? Nothing he says or that they will do can alter global temperatures by a single miserable degree.

    • 1saveenergy permalink
      August 14, 2021 4:59 pm

      He wont travel with the plebs, if he goes by train it will be the royal train – , at great cost … to the plebs.

    • Dave Andrews permalink
      August 14, 2021 5:27 pm

      Even worse. They are expecting around 30,000 people to attend the shindig but only 4000 of them are actually involved in the climate discussions!

  8. tom0mason permalink
    August 14, 2021 11:21 am

    Nigel Farage hits the nail on the head …

  9. Harry Passfield permalink
    August 14, 2021 11:25 am

    If they’re concerned it might end in failure I would have thought having to listen to the nonsense from Charles will seal its fate.

  10. Gerry, England permalink
    August 14, 2021 11:25 am

    I presume his best mate Attenbollocks will be there as well.

  11. Jack Broughton permalink
    August 14, 2021 11:40 am

    Possibly, the clown price of wallies needs to sell more copies of his ladybird guide to climate change science, it will prove to be, technically, well beyond most of the luvvies and political-scientists at Glasgow.

  12. Kelland Hutchence permalink
    August 14, 2021 11:45 am

    Oh dear… if that’s the best they can do to impress the rest of the world then they really are scraping the barrel!
    I wonder if he’ll simply parrot the usual ‘ x months to save the planet’. What a yawn.

  13. Crowcatcher permalink
    August 14, 2021 12:40 pm

    As Prof. Phillip Stott said in his 10 points to his believing in “man made global warming” :-
    “ When Prince Charles drives a -Gwiz with one member of staff, squeezes his own toothpaste, and lives in a two up/two down in the back streets of Tetbury! ”
    ‘nough said.

  14. August 14, 2021 1:58 pm

    Methinks that the desire to do down the UK (with the EU at the front of the queue, followed by Scotland) will triumph at COP26, which will be declared “a failure”, a similar thing happened at Copenhagen 2009, journos just have to copy and paste and do a few edits to what they wrote then:

  15. August 14, 2021 3:50 pm

    Prince Charles will no doubt use most of his speech to condemn China. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you , cheap. in a new tab)

  16. Penda100 permalink
    August 14, 2021 8:21 pm

    There is a view that in a Constitutional Monarchy the last thing you want is a head of state of above average intelligence. The job is so bloody awful, only doing/saying what the elected politicians tell you to would drive any really intelligent person mad or result in their not following the script and provoking a constitutional crisis. At least we don’t have any cause for worry with Charles on that score.

  17. Dave Gardner permalink
    August 15, 2021 12:09 pm

    I’ve had a theory for a few years now that Prince Charles is in collusion with the UK Government on the climate change malarkey. I think he’s part of some ‘nudge strategy’ to convince the public to go along with it.

    The thing that started this theory of mine was the publication of the so-called ‘black spider memos’ in 2015. The background to this is that Charles had apparently been writing letters to government ministers about various issues he had been concerned about for decades. The letters included bits of handwriting by Charles which were likened to a ‘black spider’ (presumably he uses a fountain pen with a very fine nib). Some Labour government ministers tipped off the Guardian newspaper that they had been receiving these letters, and the Guardian campaigned for years to have these letters made public. Eventually the letters were published in 2015.

    The assumption by many people (including myself) was that given Charles’s Green activism in public, he would obviously be pursuing this activity even more vigorously behind the scenes. But his environmental lobbying in private to government ministers turned out to be surprisingly tame, as described in this article by James Delingpole:

    It turned out that all that Charles was bothered about in the environmental area was: (a) he had a concern about the plight of the Patagonian toothfish, (b) he was concerned about the state of preservation of the huts used by British explorers Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton in the Antarctic, (c) he was in favour of a badger cull (which is of course not the orthodox Green position).

    If Charles was that bothered about climate change, it would surely have appeared in the black spider memos.

  18. Jack Broughton permalink
    August 15, 2021 12:51 pm

    I wonder if Ladybird would consider publishing my new Climate Change Book: (film rights available cheap)? Synopsis below:

    Oh dear the Climate’s Changing!

    Turkey Lurkey and Henny Penny developed a very fancy AlGoreithm which said that we are all doomed unless we obey her AlGoreithmic proofs that CO2 was destroying the world. She rushed to Congress where James Henson was given free-range to lay his climate-change fear eggs. This hatched a series of exciting meetings all round the world, known as COPs, where politicos and luvvies vied to save the world from this new evil in their carbon-free jets. This obviously required stopping the poor from travelling, eating meat or heating their homes.

    Unfortunately, Foxy Loxey had already become vegan and moved to China and so failed to prevent Henny Penny and her pals from taking her AlGoreithms to Congress. This led to the outpourings of COP meetings which were believed by many wealthy governments, who were then persuaded to dismantle their excellent energy systems to “Save the world from the Algoreithmically predicted doom”.

    Unfortunately, just too late, real scientists, who knew that CO2 had an insignificant effect on the climate, escaped from their enforced silence. The eastern world assumed world ascendency and controlled the world. Meanwhile, in the western world millions of the enforced-vegan poor died from the newly created pandemic called climate-poverty. The politicos and luvvies flew back to their mansions and, for a moment, felt a little sadness about all the collateral damage, then turned their heaters up and enjoyed their roast beef.

    COMING SOON: Henson and Greta…. a horrorbin story.

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