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Dellers On The Cumbrian Floods

December 12, 2015

By Paul Homewood 




Dellers picks up on my Cumbria flood articles in the Express:




By James Delingpole



It is going to be a cold, wet, miserable Christmas in the Lake District this winter, especially for the thousands of people driven from their homes by the terrible flooding of the past few days.

In towns such as Appleby, Cockermouth, Keswick and Kendal, villages like Glenridding and in the city of Carlisle, at least 5,000 homes and businesses have been inundated – many of them uninsured as a result of previous floods – displacing families, destroying carpets, furniture and lovingly wrapped presents, drowning farmers’ livestock and all but guaranteeing a very unmerry Christmas.

But what makes it worse for these poor people, adding insult to injury, are the torrents of bilge pouring forth from those supposedly responsible for their welfare.

Exhibit A: Britain’s most senior meteorologist, Professor Dame Julia Slingo, Met Office chief scientist, trying to blame it on her favourite topic, global warming: “Just as with the stormy winter of two years ago, all the evidence from fundamental physics, and our understanding of our weather systems, suggest there may be a link between climate change and record-breaking winter rainfall.”




Exhibit B: Environment Minister Liz Truss, even more bizarrely, trying to rope in Islamic State as an excuse for the inadequacy of the Government’s flood response: “It’s important to spend money through international development and through our defence to protect our security. That’s important in combating IS and other threats we face and it’s also important to invest in our flood defences to protect us from extreme weather events.”


Exhibit C: the Environment Agency, which claimed that the weather station at Honister had recorded 341mm of rain – more than a month’s worth in one day – and that this was a “UK record for 24 hours”.


Every one of these claims is either dishonest, disingenuous or flat-out untrue. But they are also, unfortunately, symptomatic of the contempt in which our political class now holds us. Far better, it has decided in its arrogant way, to pull the wool over our eyes than to admit to any failings in its useless, wasteful, anti-democratic policies.

Let’s deal with global warming first. This is a nonsense for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that no one-off weather event can ever be attributed to climate change. Weather is what you get locally every day, climate change happens on a much larger scale over a period of years.

Given that Dame Julia Slingo is paid £230,000 a year to be our chief meteorological expert she really ought to have learned this by now. But when you study Britain’s weather records more closely, what you realise is that there is nothing unprecedented about the recent Cumbrian downpour.

The Lake District is very rainy (including Seathwaite, the wettest inhabited place in England) and has experienced floods at least as bad as this, most notably in two successive years 1897 and 1898.

For this information we must thank an amateur sleuth called Paul Homewood, who has become an expert at using the historical records to debunk the Met Office’s scaremongering claims that “extreme weather events” are increasing as a result of man-made climate change.

Quite simply, there is no evidence for this whatsoever. On the contrary a study just published which analysed 1,000 weather stations in 114 countries over a period of three centuries found that there has been no significant change in precipitation (rainfall) from 1850 to the present.

Unfortunately, like a lot of government agencies, the Met Office has been hijacked by green ideologues who want us to believe that climate change is the greatest threat of our age. It suits their agenda to link topical disasters such as the Cumbrian floods to their pet theory – especially when the UN’s COP21 climate summit in Paris is reaching its climax.

It’s for similar reasons that Liz Truss had to come up with all that guff about foreign aid and terrorism. Over the next five years Britain will spend £5.8billion on overseas aid – providing solar energy for Nigeria, finding female mates for an endangered fish in Madagascar, anti-flood defences in Bangladesh, etc.

This is more than twice what her government has allocated for flood defences in places like Cumbria. But while Truss surely knows that this is an outrageous misuse of taxpayers’ money, she can’t say so.

She knows David Cameron is wedded to his ostentatious (and profligate) “0.7 per cent of GDP ring-fenced for foreign aid” budget because, supposedly, it stops the Tories looking like “the nasty party”.

Furthermore, Cameron finds foreign aid a convenient place to burnish Britain’s international green credentials, showing that it is “taking the lead” on “climate change” by subsidising developing countries to build renewable energy projects.

Supposedly this will prevent the world experiencing more extreme disasters like the one that has just hit Cumbria. In fact – almost every study agrees on this – it will make no difference whatsoever.

Here’s what should be done. First, developers would be forbidden from building on flood plains; second, rivers would be dredged more often – something discouraged by the EU; third, a permanent gag should be put round anyone from the Met Office who tries blaming weather events on “climate change”; finally, the Government should use the money it is squandering on foreign aid to help the only people to whom it has a duty of care: the British.

  1. A C Osborn permalink
    December 12, 2015 12:13 pm

    The BBC News Channel was it again with Slingo this morning when talking about the Paris “Agreement”, trotting out the same half truths mixed with outright lies.
    And they are actually saying the agreement will make a difference, when most of the participants have already admitted it won’t.
    Agenda 21 gets a step closer.

  2. Ben Vorlich permalink
    December 12, 2015 12:21 pm

    Heard part of a Harrabin report this morning, in a pessimistic mood about the agreement in that he wasn’t spouting on about how wonderful it was, but that it wasn’t binding. He mentioned Kyoto and how Canada and Australia had withdrawn when they couldn’t meet their targets, no mention that Kyoto was never ratified by The USA though.

    • December 12, 2015 12:51 pm

      What struck me was how he said it would be judged, “WE will be looking for …”, we being activist environmentalists.

      No way should the BBC be allowed to get away with being activist environmentalists.

      • jazznick permalink
        December 12, 2015 9:32 pm

        Harrabin is a serial offender. He has on several occasions on-air used the WE instead of THEY in his reporting on Paris and Bonn (correcting himself
        immediately – but too late to make his opinion obvious)

        I’m sure he knows this and plays it for all it’s worth as he knows that working for the BBC makes him fireproof.

        As his 28Gate ‘seminar’ for producers at the BBC showed-he is not an impartial journalist, he is a green activist just like Richard Black (exBBC) Director at Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit who did a ‘guest’ report from Paris the other morning on Today R4.

        They know no shame – they don’t actually care as they’ve ceased being journalists long ago.

  3. December 12, 2015 1:56 pm

    It’s impossible to withstand the barrage of propaganda on the BBC today.
    On the Today programme, apart from Harrabin, there was Professor Sir Brian Hoskins said, “the number of flooding events is increasing, we’ve seen that in the UK”, presumably attributing recent floods to Climate Change. The problem is, he didn’t say what period this increase was relative to, and the interviewer hadn’t the knowledge or inclination to challenge him on this.
    Even “The Now Show” had a go on Climate Change, quoting the “97% of scientists” believe in climate change lie. While this is ostensibly a comedy “satirical” programme, it is actually an outlet for unsubstantiated propaganda.

  4. jazznick permalink
    December 12, 2015 3:03 pm

    Paris – a summary.

    The IPCC by intentionally and wilfully omitting/ignoring naturally occuring climate cycles and solar activity, have engineered (faulty, but this seems not to matter) computer ‘forecasts’ that have been designed, with the aid of tampered data and shonky physics, to provide Marxists/Socialists with an excuse for an attempt at the imposition of Global Governance and the dissolution of democratic rule by a UN legislation supported by a compliant left wing media and a “scientific establishment” that has, with rare exceptions, become afraid to ‘do science’ anymore for fear of retribution and career termination.

    By not ‘rocking the boat’ scientists have chosen, in geneal, the easy route and that any scientist in the climatic field who wishes to ‘have a career’ will need to submit to being politically ‘owned’, thus unintentionally devaluing their stock and that of ALL scientists for many years to come.

    This is not the behaviour of a free and open society, that’s because it isn’t anymore.

    OWG is coming to you very soon.

    In the final analysis – what’s the climate got to do with this ? – Nothing, it’s the endgame that is all and it doesn’t really matter HOW you win – just win – there will be no replay, no penalty shoot out, no debate (if we ever had one before anyway).
    As with the recent hearings in the US; Senator Markey ranted his 97% worth and left the room leaving those invited to speak to reply to an empty chair. They really are not listening
    and are just getting on with business.

    By the time everyone taken in by AGW and the Marxist party bandwagon (including those in the Polar Bear costumes, but excluding those at the ‘top table’ who planned it this way), realise they’ve been ‘used’ or robbed it will be too lale, the bills will be coming in and all that GW will have become GC.

  5. December 12, 2015 3:55 pm

    It’s a good job we have people like Delingpole, Booker, Ridley, Paterson to put the record straight. All we need to do is get rid of the propagandists, like the BCC, Channel 4, the Met Office, etc etc etc etc ……

  6. December 12, 2015 5:17 pm

    With no global temperature change of any significance in nearly two decades, what do they ascribe their alleged ‘climate change’ to? Increasing CO2 levels are not doing what they expected, that’s for sure.

  7. Anoneumouse permalink
    December 12, 2015 6:42 pm

    Having now seen some aerial footage of the flood in Carlisle it appears to me that some of the flood defense sluice gates were not closed. The ones neat Brunton park and at the Bridge street and Viaduct Estate road junction being good examples.

  8. jazznick permalink
    December 12, 2015 7:39 pm


    There have also been reports that flooding has been prolonged by sluice gates not being opened thus trapping the flood waters INSIDE the affected areas.

    It’s little use building defences UP everywhere: some serious dredging DOWN needs to be done by the EA, as they should have done already, (sod the newts) and some slightly ugly flood drains inserted pdq. plus the removal of trees likely to fall into a flooded channel and blocking the flow.

    Same problem as Somerset levels – no maintainance, protect the *ucking birds, screw the plebs.

    If foreign aid wasn’t ‘bung’/bribe for past trade and other favours it could be redirected for this. Plenty of work for local people too at comparatively lower cost.

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