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Labour will end North Sea oil investment

January 20, 2023

By Paul Homewood


h/t Ian Magness


Just when you thought the idiots in Westminster could not get any madder:



Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to stop investing in new British oil and gas fields if Labour wins the next election.

In a major departure from current government policy, the Labour leader ruled out new investment in North Sea fossil fuels as he outlined the party’s mission to go green.

Addressing business leaders and policymakers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sir Keir called on countries to form a “clean power alliance” to rival the Opec group of oil exporting countries. Sir Keir claimed an alliance would help bring down energy bills and stressed that Labour’s energy plan did not involve fossil fuels.

“What we’ve said about oil and gas is that there does need to be a transition,” he said. “Obviously it will play its part during that transition but not new investment, not new fields up in the North Sea, because we need to go towards net zero, we need to ensure that renewable energy is where we go next.”

It is significant that the wretched Starmer announced this new policy on the stage at Davos in front of his globalist masters, rather than having the guts to do it at home.

Quite how his mad plan will bring down energy costs, as he claims, is beyond me. Does this moron not understand the laws of supply and demand?

  1. T Walker permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:10 am

    “Does this moron not understand the laws of supply and demand?” – NO

    • January 21, 2023 11:46 am

      Or maybe he does, which is even more disturbing.

  2. sensescaper permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:19 am

    Now, more than ever – we see the breakdown of parachuting in ‘global young leaders’, the vast majority of which (not just one admitting it) do not have “enough in the tank”. I’m not surprised. What on earth would make anyone think that an academic cloistered / endless computer modelling environment is a fitting overture to becoming a national president or prime minister? It’s just ludicrous.
    Starmer is already being steered by the W.E.F. He’s also a dithering, knee-taking appeaser to plans architected WAY above his pay grade and against which he has neither the gumption nor intellect to challenge or alter.
    We now need a complete overhaul of Westminster and governance. It appalls me we still have so many issues where they wheel out individuals such as that vile creature Blair – when he hasn’t been a prime minister in this country for the best part of two decades – and clearly pushing an agenda way above his (vastly over-blown) pay grade. There was a time when corrupt old buggers in Westminster would go and either do some charity work or tend their rose bushes in retirement. What a pity that’s no longer the case..

    • a-man-of-no-rank permalink
      January 20, 2023 12:50 pm

      Have never liked our politicians – pretty boys and girls with shallow knowledge. The Labour party pretends to care for the workers and this gets them voted in. Yet to my mind they have never stood up for the poor of Blackpool, Rotherham or Okehampton. They ‘glow’ on the world stage where they can all agree to stop the Climate from changing and enjoy the company of the famous. Mr. Starmer is the perfect fit.

      • Ray Sanders permalink
        January 20, 2023 1:34 pm

        Actually I think you are wrong in saying “The Labour party pretends to care for the workers and this gets them voted in. ”
        Labour quite openly despise most “working class” and this was why the lost places like Hartlepool. Remember Gordon Brown deriding that woman as a “bigot”?
        I am actually becoming increasingly confident that Labour will not win the next election as the majority of those who actually vote really do not care for Labour.

    • eastdevonoldie permalink
      January 20, 2023 12:57 pm

      Rishi Sunak may be of the same ilk having been ‘installed’ in No 10.

      • sensescaper permalink
        January 20, 2023 1:05 pm

        Without doubt – Sunak & Starmer have fallen out of the same tree. Along with Truss, Johnson, Cameron, Blair et al.I wouldn’t lay down my life for any of them!

  3. Douglas Dragonfly permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:22 am

    There is a great deal this moron doesn’t understand.

    Like being an effective leader of the opposite, suing for peace when a major war wages in Europe, anything to do with energy, particularly surrounding coal, oil or gas or even how to be an empathetic human being.
    Just another parasite we really can do without. But he wouldn’t understand.

    • January 20, 2023 11:06 am

      So much the same as Sushi then with the main difference currently seeming to be the women with penises question. Who are we to get involved in the squabble between millionaires.

  4. mojaverose22 permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:28 am

    “Does this moron not understand the laws of supply and demand?” . . . obviously not, nor does he, or his comrads, understand the laws of physics, or economics. They are all quite certain of their positions though, it all works out for the better in that dreamy Utopia that exists only in their minds. They seldom leave that happy place to see the effects their daft ideas have on normal people.

  5. January 20, 2023 10:30 am

    But it’s not just that, as as every rational, clear-thinking person knows, that oils and gas have a multitude of derivative materials and products. They don’t just provide the overwhelming and irreplaceable majority of transport fuels. It’s these that literally keep us alive. Agriculture/food production and medical services, at the very least, would collapse. Clearly, Starmer, despite being a lawyer, cannot think. But then we know that the WEF wants us to revert to being a 3rd world country.

    • January 20, 2023 11:07 am

      The problem is the shortage of rational clear-thinking people in the UK today, and their non-existence in government at any level.

      • Russ Wood permalink
        January 21, 2023 10:17 am

        I have a favourite Sowell quote:
        “Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good” – Thomas Sowell

    • Harry Passfield permalink
      January 20, 2023 1:54 pm

      Well said Ilma! I bet my MP doesn’t know that. I must write and tell him.

      • January 20, 2023 9:15 pm

        They all know it, but are either too sold on the story or think it will still garner votes, that they stick with it no matter the amount of rational and logical argument you make. However, I think we all need to keep writing to our MPs on specific topics, with specific arguments, questioning their beliefs, asking for evidence. I.e. NEVER let them off the hook.

  6. Adam Gallon permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:36 am

    The really worrying thing, is they will be the next government, with a majority that would have made Bliar weep with joy.

    • 3x2 permalink
      January 20, 2023 12:56 pm

      It isn’t just that they could form the next government. Even if it were just a small chance, would you invest in any ff related project now knowing the risk?

      The idiot has just shut down any project in the field.

    • Ray Sanders permalink
      January 20, 2023 9:29 pm

      Nope they will not be the next government. Don’t fall the media hype and the dodgy opinion polls, Labour are not the most popular 2nd 2l2vwn that they are made out to be by the BBC/Guardian axis.
      Climate and Net Zero are a long way down the list of priority issues come election time.

  7. Beagle permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:36 am

    He was asked “which is the most important, Westminster or Davos”. He replied “Davos”, so he doesn’t believe in democracy.

    • 186no permalink
      January 20, 2023 11:49 am

      I saw the Maitlis harridan asked the question but I do not know the context…..?

      • Beagle permalink
        January 20, 2023 1:10 pm

        Starmer was complaining that Rishi S had stayed at home and had sent others to Davos. “So which is more important ….”

      • 186no permalink
        January 20, 2023 6:28 pm

        Thanks, that figures; out of the mouths of……Schwabwashed Bliar Wannabees

    • January 20, 2023 12:47 pm

      Starmer by name, Smarmer by nature. And since when did any socialist political party believe in democracy; other than as the way to get their sticky hands on the levers of power?

  8. January 20, 2023 10:43 am

    A nutter, but the other mob are no better

    • January 20, 2023 11:02 am

      With not even a handful of notable exceptions it seems, the whole mod in Westminster are no better. It’s hard to know how to impress on them the utter futility of the Net Zero agenda, and what a disaster on real peoples’ lives it will be, physically and financially ruining us.

    • Gamecock permalink
      January 20, 2023 12:25 pm

      ‘Opposition leader’

      It seems more an issue of speed of implementation, not ‘opposition.’

  9. Graeme permalink
    January 20, 2023 10:58 am

    I despair. It appears that none of our major parties can see the route to prosperity requires copious quantities of cheap reliable energy. They appear to condone economic suicide, not to mention the scandalous numbers of pensioners dying from hypothermia. We need a proper Energy Policy, and a referendum on Net Zero which is costed.

    • steve permalink
      January 20, 2023 11:36 am

      There will never be another referendum in the UK simply because we voted against the wishes of the elite last time. The great unwashed will never be forgiven for that.

      • Gamecock permalink
        January 20, 2023 12:27 pm

        “We tried democracy, but it didn’t work: the people voted for the wrong things.”

      • lefallois permalink
        January 20, 2023 1:52 pm

        The Solution

        After the uprising of June 17
        The Secretary of the Writers’ Association
        Had leaflets distributed on Stalinallee
        On which one could read that the people
        Had lost the confidence of the government
        And could regain it only
        By redoubled work and effort. Would It not
        Be simpler if the government were to dissolve
        The people and elect another?

        Bertolt Brecht (on the East German uprising,1953).

    • Chaswarnertoo permalink
      January 20, 2023 11:11 pm

      Net zero is a very stupid idea and anyone who believes in it should stop exhaling ‘ carbon ‘ right now.

  10. January 20, 2023 11:43 am

    He is an actor in a theatre called the Houses of Parliament. The weasels who have surrounded him have convinced themselves that the level of delusion in the population is so great that coming up with such asininity wins votes.
    Does the lead fool not realize that without oil there can be no weeenewables? It is fundamental to the creation of worthless toxic solar panels and bird killing windmills? Also since when did we elect political parties on the basis of religion in the UK? Specifically religion driven by dark malevolent marxism? To bang my drum one more time, are British voters so mentally compromised that they cannot see the absurdity of destroying British industry ( to thave the pwannet) while turning a blind eye to the same critical industry, the basis of our civilization ( oil gas and coal) in countries who have lower production standards than we have who in many cases produce an inferior product to that which comes from under the North Sea?
    Pure brute asinine politics. Not an active braincell among them. That being said the chamaeleon weasel in charge of the Labour Party could say absolutely anything and still get elected because it is not about how credible his policies are but how incredible and bankrupt the once conservative Conservative Party policies are and we can thank melted brain Boris and the influence of his dopey wife for that.

  11. January 20, 2023 11:55 am

    Correct. Wextern civilization, which is the pinnacle of human achievement has reached this peak based on hydrocarbons. The asininity of the stop oil argument ( thinly veiled degrothers hiding their maxisfascism ) is that if tomorrow oil were to stop. Everything would stop. Life expectancy would drop world wide by a significant factor. World food production would collapse so with it will come famine….etc etc etc. The complete disingenuous nature of the lying by omission argumentation of the anti oil gas and coal movement has no bounds. That this whole crap pile is purely political shows in their focus on protesting and destroying only Western production. They literally gush over dirty China and India. The hypocrisy screams at you but then show me a politician who is not a congenital liar willing to sell his or her granny to get power.

  12. GeoffB permalink
    January 20, 2023 12:02 pm

    He is just keeping his boss, Klaus Schwab, happy, as is Rishi Sunak ex head of Chris Hohn’s CTI fund, the one that supports the green loonies. It looks like we are worse than doomed, we need a really bad calamity on the energy front before the next election, to give Reform a chance of getting some seats.

  13. Cheshire Red permalink
    January 20, 2023 12:35 pm

    Evidence-based logic, reasoning, strategy and planning appear to have gone out of the window. So much of the things we need are being systematically and deliberately destroyed, removed, run-down or outright banned.

    The country is already grossly exposed to a lack of manufacturing, energy, food and industrial resilience. Our balance of trade and payments deficits will be off the charts.

    This will just make it all so much worse. Insane.

  14. eastdevonoldie permalink
    January 20, 2023 12:46 pm

    How will Sir Kneel make up the missing £ms in windfall tax revenue on major Oil/Gas producers to fund his Green energy plan?
    I trust he has not heard that Germany is busy reopening coal mines and dismantling wind farms?
    Starmer for PM? – god help us!

  15. Chilli permalink
    January 20, 2023 1:20 pm

    So very little difference between Labour and Tory energy policiy then: Sunak has banned fracking and windfall-taxed North Sea oil and gas to oblivion. Starmer will just ban the lot (perhaps a more honest position than the Tories silently bleeding the companies dry with extreme taxation).

    And Reform are unelectable after Tice’s recent pro-vax anti-Bridgen outburst.
    UKIP are unelectable thanks to their support for the US proxy war in Ukraine.

    So it’s looking like Heritage is the only sound option left.

    • January 20, 2023 9:07 pm

      Yep. Really disappointed in Tice. The vax caused deaths scandal cannot stay hidden. It will come out and any politician on the wrong side of the story will be toast.

      • Cheshire Red permalink
        January 20, 2023 10:13 pm

        The daft thing is Tice has made the right noises about an investigation into the causes of ‘excess deaths’.

        It’s hardly a giant leap of anti-vax scepticism to ask if a nationwide roll-out of an untested and unproven ‘vaccine’ might be having unintended consequences.

      • January 23, 2023 11:05 am

        Note though, scepticism isn’t necessarily ‘anti-vax’, just anti pushing (and imposition) of untested therapies, i.e. where you simply cannot call it ‘safe’ unless and until you can impartially show it is. Where a vaccine has been properly tested *AND* shows clear benefit (according to its proper/original definition), they should be supported, which includes acceptance by govt and medical authorities that there are always exceptions, and injuries will occur.

  16. Ian Johnson permalink
    January 20, 2023 1:24 pm

    Without oil, he may find it difficult to manufacture blades for the glorious windmills.

    • eastdevonoldie permalink
      January 20, 2023 4:27 pm

      Not a problem – import them as now from China!

  17. January 20, 2023 2:06 pm

    It is tragic that most of those in power do not have the faintest understanding of scientific analysis. Net Zero achieves nothing but poverty. Man-made carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is insignificant on having any effect on the climate.

    • Nigel Sherratt permalink
      January 20, 2023 3:59 pm

      It also achieves starvation and death for poor people and probably us in the end.

    • Thomas Thomson permalink
      January 20, 2023 8:39 pm

      Agree, one of many big lies is that the so called “net zero” will result in world poverty on a scale unimaginable. In the west we are already seeing a reduction in living standards, but in the rest of the world this idiocy will lead to starvation and death. Climate related deaths have fallen by over 90% because fossil fuels have enabled a reduction in poverty. Now they want to reverse it.

    • M Fraser permalink
      January 20, 2023 8:49 pm

      Yes, there’s a reason why the Arab countries are no longer living in tents, squalor etc…………..oil!

  18. Phoenix44 permalink
    January 20, 2023 3:43 pm

    The most idiotic claim is that an alliance of renewables could rival OPEC. His understanding of energy and economics really is at the lowest possible level – lower than zero because he believes things that are not true. And if we are to have a “transition” how has he worked out whether we need Norhh Sea investment for the transition period?

  19. ThinkingScientist permalink
    January 20, 2023 4:20 pm

    The last bastion for us old timers in the UK petroleum exploration business have just had their society Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) renamed to GESGB the Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain – to accommodate all those now working in the wind turbine business and becuase of the “energy transition”. Another society hijacked by rent seekers. Why can’t they just form their own?

    So with a potential future government completing its fuck up of the North Sea oil and gas business I now know all my future consultancy will from overseas oil and gas exploration and fields. At least if I have to attend meetings I can get more air miles!

  20. John Brown permalink
    January 20, 2023 4:38 pm

    Firstly, the real cost of intermittent wind energy, according to empirical evidence from company accounts, is certainly not the cheapest at £120/MWhr or more.

    Secondly, the cost of dispatchable/reliable wind generated electrical energy becomes £900/MWhr if hydrogen is used as a store of energy as has been proposed, batteries being totally impossible through lack of minerals/mining capacity. The calculation goes as follows;

    Using hydrogen as a store of electricity involves electrolysis from excess wind -> stored, compressed hydrogen gas -> electricity from standard generators as and when required (viz when the wind drops).

    Suppose we want P GW of power to be “dispatchable”, meaning always available “on demand”.

    Let us start with P GW of installed wind turbine power and calculate the extra installed capacity required to produce P GW of dispatchable power.

    Now the capacity factor of offshore wind turbines is 33% (onshore is less), so the average amount of power over a year supplied by a wind turbine is 0.33P GW and consequently we will require 0.67P GW of storage.

    The efficiencies are :
    Electrolysis : 60%
    Compression : 87%
    Electricity generation : 60%
    So overall efficiency = 60% x 87% x 60% = 31%

    So the amount of excess power required to produce the missing 0.67P GW is 0.67P/0.31 = 2.16P GW.

    Since the capacity factor is 33%, this means we will need 2.16P/0.33 = 6.55P GW of additional installed wind power to provide the needed 0.67P GW of dispatchable power.

    Hence a total of P GW + 6.55P GW = 7.5P GW of installed wind turbine capacity is required to provide P GW of dispatchable power.

    Or £900/MWhr based upon an intermittent price of £120/MWhr.

    Or, as is currently proposed, we are forced to accept intermittency “to save the planet”

  21. Graeme No.3 permalink
    January 20, 2023 7:40 pm

    Thanks for those figures. I doubt that most people, and certainly not Nett Zero believers like politicians and bureaucrats, have the slightest understanding of the effect of multiple efficiency losses.

    • January 21, 2023 11:59 am

      Maybe they will get a hint when their homes get blacked out.

  22. Thomas Thomson permalink
    January 20, 2023 8:33 pm

    Wind energy in 2020 cost us 3 times the market price. That is just what was paid to the wind farms, goodness knows the storage costs downstream or costs of switching other power sources to meet peaks and troughs. The lie that green energy can be cheaper is worse than the climate change lie itself.

  23. ThinkingScientist permalink
    January 20, 2023 8:52 pm

    I find it both fascinating but incredibly disturbing to observe how our politicians are blindly following the path to economic self-destruction to Net Zero. I realise, despite my efforts over the years to have sensible conversations with MPs, news channels etc, there is nothing I can do that is actually going to make a difference.

    It is a monumental train wreck, the engine has hit the buffers and we are simply spectators watching in ultra-slow motion as the catastrophe unfolds.

    And it is now apparent how insane ideas can grip entire nations and lead to world wars, genocide, eugenics and Lysenkoism.

    Madness, utter, utter madness. I despair. A significant proportion of the worlds population (especially here in the West) has simply gone insane.

  24. Harry Passfield permalink
    January 20, 2023 9:32 pm

    It’s often said that Net Zero is really Net Poverty. But it’s also net zero ignorance; NZ education; NZ intelligence. Soon – if not already – our children will not be capable of rationalising any argument involving CC. Personally, it started with the fact that children & young adults now say Haitch. And I am not joking!
    Goebbels would have loved it. His boss corrupted Aristotle to say, ‘He alone who owns the youth, gains the future’. We really should be worried: I know I am regarding my eight-year-old grandson.

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