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Soros and Obama’s War on Coal

August 17, 2015

Steve Milloy. has a provocative take on Obama’s war on coal:

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency issued rules under the guise of preventing global warming that supposedly will reduce coal-fired electricity in the U.S. by 32 percent. This action is on top of other Obama EPA rules that are already well on their way to shuttering another 20 percent of coal plants.

And those EPA rules have been complimented by a host of other regulatory pain designed to make U.S. coal mining more difficult, including rules to reduce dust levels in mines and rules to designed to limit coal mining under the guise of protecting surface and ground water.

Combined with the ongoing glut of cheap natural gas, all these Obama regulations are pushing electric utilities out of coal and, hence, driving the coal industry out of business.

On the day that the EPA global warming rules were announced, coal giant Alpha Natural Resources filed for bankruptcy. Shares of Peabody Energy, formerly the largest U.S. coal company, traded at $1.16 after peaking at $73.73 in the days when when markets assumed Obama wouldn’t be re-elected.

Arch Coal, formerly the second largest U.S. coal producer, was forced to do a reverse stock split to get its stock price back above $1.00. Arch’s stock had peaked in 2011 at an adjusted-for-reverse-split price of about $340 per share.

Despite owning billions of tons of coal reserves, both Peabody and Arch are perilously close to joining Alpha Natural Resources in bankruptcy, which could wipe out the shareholders.

But what then? The U.S. holds about 480 billion tons of potentially economically recoverable coal. This coal is worth trillions of dollars.

Are we to believe that any nation in its right mind would leave trillions of dollars in the ground for the sake of the dubious claims of global warming hysteria? As coal is actually the fastest growing energy source in the world, even President Obama realizes deep down that unilateral U.S. action to cut carbon dioxide emissions from coal is pointless. Certainly the welfare state cannot be run on fumes. It will require cold hard cash.

So what’s the game?

Although EPA and environmentalists have declared coal to be a dirty fuel, the reality is that coal is a clean fuel when burned in an efficient modern power plant. U.S. air is clean and safe despite all the coal we burn. China’s air pollution problems are not caused by coal burned in power plants. In addition to transportation and industrial related emissions, which are the main problem, many Chinese homes and buildings are heated by inefficient coal bricks in furnaces vented directly into the atmosphere — think Dickensian London.

That coal has been arbitrarily smeared as “dirty” means that it can just as easily be declared “clean” under the right circumstances. What are those circumstances?

My prediction is that, barring a Republican president who stops and reverses Obama’s anti coal jihad, bankrupt coal companies and their assets will be snapped up in bankruptcy by politically-correct and politically-favored Wall Street takeover firms. Unlike current coal industry management, the new coal owners will be Democrat-friendly.

The rest is obvious in an Orwellian way. The new coal industry will flood the coffers of politicians and coal will be magically rehabilitated as a “clean” or at least as a “necessary evil.” The new coal industry will flourish as never before. The crime will have paid off handsomely.

And lo and behold, what do we find?

Billionaire investor George Soros has opened new equity stakes in Peabody Energy Corp. and Arch Coal Inc., the country’s top two coal producers, according to a Form 13F-HR filed Aug. 14.

Soros acquired more than 1 million shares of Peabody and 553,200 shares of Arch in the second quarter, according to the filing. He reported no other coal holdings in the period.

Soros makes investments through his Soros Fund Management LLC fund. Soros’ holdings may have changed significantly since the end of the second quarter ended June 30.

Soros last invested in the coal sector in 2014 when he opened a large stake in coal and gas producer CONSOL Energy Inc., but he later liquidated it.

Both Peabody and Arch have seen their market values plummet amid extremely difficult operating conditions for domestic producers caused by competition from cheap natural gas, new environmental regulations and a slowing export market.

  1. A C Osborn permalink
    August 17, 2015 2:06 pm

    The parallel with Al Gore buying Sea Shore Mansions after the Inconvenient Truth is obvious.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  2. August 17, 2015 2:44 pm

    “ComplEmented,” not “complimented”.

  3. August 17, 2015 4:15 pm

    This is PUTIN style of crony socialism. Us the power of government to steal private property for the benefit of their cronies. The other good example is Warren Buffet owning the rail company Burlington Northern which profited immensely form moving crude oil by rail while Obama stonewalled on the XL pipeline.

  4. Edward Silha permalink
    August 17, 2015 5:18 pm

    Steve Milloy wrote (opinion?) <<>>
    Versus Fact <<>>
    George Soros is banking on clean coal technology to make coal a competitive energy source once a carbon tax is adopted.

    • August 17, 2015 5:56 pm

      Very good point actually.

      I wonder how much money Obama will throw at developing CCS technology?

      • August 17, 2015 10:29 pm

        He can throw the entire US GDP at CCS and it will still not work. The more I dig into the murky world of politics and power the more I understand Obama is just a useful idiot being played by the super rich, most of whom we don’t know. These are the 0.1% of the 1% of rich people. The end game is world government and a chosen few owning all the industrial might, with regulations that prevent new entrants. Both Soros and Buffet are left-wingers who seek central control of everything.

        The Global warming scam is just one of those useful distractions that divert our attention away from the real game. We all spend our time wondering how we prove CO2 doesn’t cause warming or climate change (something that can’t be proven let alone disproved) whilst taking our eye off what people like Buffet and Soros are doing.

    • AndyG55 permalink
      August 22, 2015 9:46 am

      No , Soros is banking on the removal of any carbon tax and all renewable feed-in and subsidies so that coal again takes its rightful place in the development and nutriment of the planet.

      ….once the reality of CO2 having zero warming effect has come to light, and its absolute necessity for the production of all food on this planet is realised.

      He helped trigger the anti-CO2 LIE and you can bet that he will do everything he can to profit from it.

  5. August 22, 2015 3:12 am

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