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Brrrrr!! It’s Wwwarm Up Hhhhere.

November 3, 2016

From Josh 



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  1. Annie permalink
    November 3, 2016 11:18 pm

    Excellent cartoon!

  2. tom0mason permalink
    November 4, 2016 2:54 am

    Excellent graphic also for the coming weather in the UK and Europe-wide.

  3. November 4, 2016 6:34 am

    Last night’s BBC third programme on the Arctic was unbelievably boring – three boring presenters interviewing boring so-called experts accompanied by lots of shots of polar pears being extremely boring. I have to admit it was so boring that I missed some of it as I started to doze off. However I was awake enough to hear the extreme alarmist propaganda at the end.

  4. CheshireRed permalink
    November 4, 2016 11:12 am

    In the second programme Simon the Clown actually played the Greenland melting ice sheet card. 7 meters of sea level rise coming to a coast near you. Clichés and soundbites aplenty. Blatant lies.

  5. November 4, 2016 12:00 pm


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