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Eat Less Meat And Save A Glacier

December 28, 2019

By Paul Homewood


h/t Tony Heller

Laura Tobin is weather girl on Good Morning Britain, which apparently makes her an expert on climate change as well:


(BTW – that photo is fraudulent – it is not a “glacier”, merely a patch of transient snow)

She even has the solution:


Busy pumping out her propaganda however, Laura forgot to tell her twitter followers that Austrian glaciers have been shrinking since the mid 19thC, long before your meat eating had any effect.

Tony Heller found this account in National Geographic:

Better still, the progressive retreat of these glaciers, which lie in the Otztal Alps, have been mapped:

 | Hintereisferner, Kesselwandferner and Vernagtferner in the Ötztal Alps, Austria. All three glaciers drain into the Rofen Valley (Rofental).

Just as we find with glaciers worldwide, most of the melting took place in the 19th and early 20thC.

As is well known now, European glaciers expanded in leaps and bounds during the Little Ice Age. This has been thoroughly documented by historians, and it was without doubt a terrible time for the inhabitants of Switzerland and Austria.

But climate swings of this nature have been regular events since the Ice Age ended.

For instance, we know from tree line studies that it used to be much warmer than now in the Alps until around 500 BC.


However, the climate there had already been getting progressively colder since around 2500BC, when glaciers began advancing during what is known as the Piora Oscillation:


HH Lamb: Climate, History and the Modern World

Following a warmer interlude during Roman times, Alpine glaciers made major advances again between AD450 and 850, maybe to their subsequent Little Ice Age maxima, according to Lamb:


Before the Little Ice Age arrived, of course, we had the Medieval Warm Period, when glaciers retreated rapidly. According to Lamb, ancient gold mines in Austria’s Hohe Tauern and other high level sites in central Europe were reopened, having been abandoned before the time of Christ.

In short, Alpine glaciers have spent the last 5000 years expanding and retreating. Eating less meat won’t stop this pattern continuing.


If this pack of twitter nonsense was not bad enough, Laura Tobin had this bit of film footage on Good Morning Britain, taken of her in Austria:


Towards the end, she claims that melting glaciers will lead to half a meter of sea level rise, and, I quote,

Meaning here in the UK, more flooding and severe weather

This is an outrageous lie. There is no evidence at all of melting glaciers leading to severe weather, or causing more flooding, by which she clearly means the sort of river flooding seen recently and shown in her film clip.

Perhaps weather girls should stick to forecasting the weather, and leave climate change to those who understand it.

  1. December 28, 2019 5:21 pm

    Reblogged this on Climate-

    • dennisambler permalink
      December 29, 2019 1:27 pm

      But this is ITV. There really is little difference between the main broadcasters. Sky are also terrible on this stuff, as are France 24, Al Jazeera, ABC (Oz, govt funded), ABC(US, Disney), CNN, NBC. Many are actually worse than the BBC.

  2. charles wardrop permalink
    December 28, 2019 5:25 pm

    Typical BBC, incorrigibly bent. It doesn’t need our money, so should not be getting it by a modern”poll tax”

  3. howardpaul permalink
    December 28, 2019 5:43 pm

    You give them too much credit in your last paragraph. Not one of these bimbos actually forecasts the weather. They read the script provided by professional meteorologists. The two I have been acquainted with could not forecast yesterday’s date.

    • M E permalink
      December 29, 2019 4:08 am

      Ditto with T V forecasters in New Zealand

  4. Broadlands permalink
    December 28, 2019 6:22 pm

    Save a glacier? Eat less meat?? Do these people not understand that the vegetation they eat sequesters the CO2 they are so concerned about? And, after they have eaten it those digested “veggies” recycle the CO2 to the atmosphere. The same is true for meat. The difference is a second order effect.

    • December 29, 2019 9:44 am

      Yes. These veggie warriors don’t even comply with their own logic (right or wrong)-: That biomass energy production is Carbon Neutral. Hence the conversion of Drax power station in the U.K., from coal to wood pellet, to the detriment of our forests. Meat is biomass so thus in their book should be classified as carbon neutral.
      Ah well! A good steak apre-ski, seems a good idea.

  5. Luc Ozade permalink
    December 28, 2019 6:46 pm

    Fortunately, for us, it puts their bias on full display and gives us all the ammunition needed to pillory them in the coming decade when, it is very likely, the climate will again change – to becoming colder again (something I am NOT looking forward to, even if I’m still around).

  6. stephensparrownz permalink
    December 28, 2019 6:48 pm

    the other dopey thing they fail to realize is that when a chunk of ice starts melting the smaller it gets, the more & increasingly rapid is the observed shrinkage.

  7. Stonyground permalink
    December 28, 2019 7:19 pm

    Actually I wouldn’t mind it being a bit colder. When I was growing up in the sixties and seventies we still had hot summers but we also got the occasional snowy winter. These were great fun for us kids and much less depressing than the relentless rain that we have had this year. I’m trying not to be too rose tinted, it was around 1975 when Pete Sinfield wrote:
    “They said there’d be snow at Chrismas, they said there’d be peace on earth, but instead it just kept on raining, a vale of tears for the virgin birth.”
    When that idiot David Viner said that snow in England would be a rare and exciting event, he failed to mention that it had been for several decades.

  8. Joe Public permalink
    December 28, 2019 7:49 pm

    If only the Scots had turned veggie 2-3 centuries ago:

    • I_am_not_a_robot permalink
      December 28, 2019 8:49 pm

      Interesting article but the heading and opening is misleading:
      “Scotland had a glacier up to 1700s, say scientists … A glacier was still in place in Scotland within the past 400 years – 11,000 years later than previously thought …”.
      It implies that the glacier was there forever and a day until it disappeared in the modern era due to CC™ while further down it is clear that it formed during the LIA.

  9. John189 permalink
    December 28, 2019 7:55 pm

    At the top of this thread Laura Tobin says that she “visited Tirol, the largest glacial ski resort in Austria”. Tirol is a province, not a place. There are several resorts where one can ski on glaciers, including Hintertux which is open all year round. However, I suppose if Ms Tobin went to Brighton she would say that she had visited Sussex, the largest seaside resort on the south coast of England.

  10. Sheri permalink
    December 28, 2019 10:04 pm

    Temperature is not the only factor in glacier melting—snowfall and wind greatly affect the size of glaciers. You need more snow to keep glaciers full-sized, which would mean more precipitation probably in additional areas beyond the glacier that would cause flooding, so to keep the glaciers, you may get more flooding. Wind and dirt/soot also affect melt rate. Less wind, less use for those bird-killing jokes claiming to create electricity. That would be in the win column, yes. The point is, temperature is not the only thing in the climate system, unless you’re a member of the Climate Cult of CO2. Science adds so much more.

  11. December 28, 2019 10:45 pm

    Merry Christmas – Happy New Year – Happy Hanukkah, etc to all !!

    Here’s a very fun – and useful – video [modeling] of glacier changes in the Alps during the last glaciation cycle; 120K BP to present. Helpful to pick out a location, such as Bern, and watch the action approaching.

    Of note – toggle back and forth on the time line – is the 200 mi plus advance of the Adriatic Sea towards the future home of Venice, Italy between roughly 15K to 6k BP.

    Advance and retreat of the Alpine glaciers during the last glacial cycle

    Enjoy – share.

    And remember, we’ve never had climate change such as we are seeing today.

  12. December 28, 2019 11:28 pm

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.

  13. Gamecock permalink
    December 29, 2019 10:12 pm

    Would you like your yard covered with ice?

    Glaciers are BAD! They make land useless.

  14. January 2, 2020 10:41 pm

    A couple of corrections there
    “Laura Tobin is *weather girl” on Good Morning Britain”
    No she is a Meteorologist she studied Physics and Meteorology at Reading University.
    However she is TV totty as well, cos she is hot, and chooses to dress up sexily, thus she has an enormous fanbase, with about 20 Twitterfan accounts and 15% more followers on her own account than Paul Hudson has.
    So I am worried that she has enormous impact compared to say Caroline Lucas.

    However on checking her two #ClimateEmergency tweets I see the impact seems small
    only 150 likes and replies that seem to almost all call her out ..though I wonder if Twitter shows me the skeptical ones and someone else the alarmist ones.

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