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Worried About A Mild December?

December 23, 2015

By Paul Homewood 


This comment from Dorian is worth a post of its own:


I think the real killer here is that, as stated in the news clipping, that it was 46.9F in December 1841, equating to 8.3C. The MET Office, ludicrously does away with this temperature by focusing on a 7.1C back in 1979. How convenient it is, to wipe out the previous 139 years of record temperature history. Note, that this temperature in itself was only 0.2C below what was usually considered an April norm!

Here we have a December, in 1841, that was akin to a normally expected April, and the MET Office missed that! Hardly. Furthermore, this occurred just as the world was exiting the Little Ice Age. Nearly 140 years after you would hope the things were getting warmer.

There is the entirely plausible scenario that this temperature recurrence has more to do with a world starting to cool and thus retracing temperature trends of the past than to a struggling warming world failing to surpass historical highs. When you retrace trends from the past, and not set new ones, it means we are heading back where we came from, and where we came from, was a very much colder planet.

Think about this, the end of the LIA was to many experts around 1850. It is 160 years later, and we could be heading back into another LIA, which would be more normal than a warming trend. So between now and the cold of the next LIA, we are looking at most 160 years. Only problem is, LIA come faster than they go away. All cold periods have come faster than they have left. So it is entirely possible with another LIA arriving, that children born today, by the time they are old, could be very well find themselves into the next LIA. What does that mean? If you think it only means only cold weather, think again.

For instance, piping. Today everyone is installing plastic of PVC/PEX pipes for passing water. Do you know what happens to PVC when it gets really cold, it gets brittle. Piping everywhere will brake. If you use copper, you are better off, it is easier to insulate and heat. But who does copper these days? Piping is going to be a real problem. Then there are sewers. During the last LIA, the ground in England froze down to over a meter deep. Everything will freeze and clog up. Then there is the snow, living in remote areas, that is, areas where there is only one major arterial route will not work. There will be so much snow, that it will be impossible to keep all the roads clean, and then, where do you put all the snow that are cleared from the roads? Furthermore, imagine, continuous snow from November to March, perhaps to April. Forget about a growing season, it will be cut short by at least 1 month, and more like 2 months. There will be no time to grow anything. Ah so you maybe think greenhouses. Do you see green houses in Norway that feed a nation? Not going to happen, and if you did, imagine the cost! You think food is expensive now, just wait and see.

Just imagine, Manchester, or even London! During winter, they will be snowed in. The Thames will freeze over, and you will be able to cross it, by car!

And all this can be within one life time from today. Just imagine what your children today will be saying about their stupid idiotic parents, when they too have children and grandchildren. They will say,”my idiotic parents and their generation all thought the world was warming, and here we are, with our infrastructure designed for a warming world, where plastic water pipes are shattered, solar panels that are under 20 feet of snow, roads that are under 1 meter of ice, the railways working for only 4 or 5 months out of the year, and not even enough electricity to boil a cup of tea, all because of their stupid ideological nonsense.”

Look very carefully around you next time when you walk outside. Think about where you live, what you rely on to get to places, what infrastructure you have around you. Can your lifestyle, the place where you live, the necessities of life be sustained if things get really cold? And I do mean really cold! Winters where snows fall for 5 or 6 months. Temperatures that go below zero of -10C and stay there, for months (and even touching -20C or less). Do you live in a stone/block house? Think that is wise? Do you live far away from work or the stores and require not just a car, but good roads, 24 hours a day? That house you are so proud off, and thinking you will leave it for the kids, what kind of pipes does it have? Is it located on low or high ground? Snow piles up quite high if you are on low ground. And when summer comes, and it will eventually come, where is all that run off water going to go? Is your area ready for that.

Global warmers, I have a question for you. How much are you prepared to risk for your selfishness? For your children and grandchildren, those that you’ve seen born, will one day, curse you for your stupidity, and what you have left them.

BTW….the last time when there was a LIA, Iceland was literally iced in, that’s right, the entire island was iced in, no ships, nothing, for the entire winter. There was so much ice in the northern Atlantic, that the Inuit from Canada, found themselves coming to Iceland.

Keep an eye on those now new growing glaciers in Scotland. When they start heading south, it wont be just the Scots that you will be worried about when they migrate south!

If anybody needs more information about what it could be like when an ice age arrives, contact the Met Office, they have all the facts. Your problem will be though, just trying to get them to tell you the truth.

  1. Anthony Ratliffe permalink
    December 23, 2015 7:11 pm

    A new (future) LIA in the UK sounds pretty much like Canada now. Trust me, it really is not as bad as you paint it!

    That does not mean that some of UK’s roads will not need widening ( to get room for snow placement from ploughing). Be comforted, too, that plastic pipes don’t crack at the temperatures ordinarily found in a properly insulated and designed house.

    Happy Christmas from Calgary (a balmy -10 c, today).


    • A C Osborn permalink
      December 23, 2015 8:11 pm

      Unfortunately there is no room to widen roads in most UK towns & cities.
      Also our housing stock has not been designed for cold conditions and on top of that it will take quite a while for the populace to become acclimatised to lower temperatures.
      During which time a lot of very poor old people will die of cold induced illnesses like pneumonia, heart attacks & strokes.

    • December 24, 2015 3:08 am

      The majority of UK housing has been built with construction methods and insulation standards that are very different to Canada. Sewer, rainwater and water maim pipe burial depth in Canadian urban areas has to be very much deeper than in UK because of the typical frost line depth, which varies considerably across Canada. This would most likely be the most difficult problem if the UK winter climate were to become considerably colder.

      Ottawa supposedly is the world’s coldest capital city, but this year we have no snow at all yet and Christmas Eve very strangely is going to be +15C breaking the previous 7.7C all-time record for the day.

      Marry Christmas to all and special thanks to Paul for all the never ending hard work.

      • December 27, 2015 1:34 am

        For those not familiar with the current weather situation in Canada, there is a big El Nino going on. That has produced a jet stream configuration running down the west Coast starting at about Vancouver Island proceeding deep down into the mid west of the U.S. turning back up the Eastern Seaboard. That has produced very, very warm temperatures on edges of the lower half of North America and very, very cold temperatures in the vast interior.

        The ascending track of the jet stream has swung inland as it moved north up the East coast and now heads over the Great Lakes. Because of its path, it has covered most of the population centers with extremely high readings, while the vast majority of the continent is bitterly cold. So cold it is producing tornadoes when the Arctic air meets the semitropical weather in the deep south of the U.S.

        Expect to hear lots of talk about global warming confirmed by pointing to records being broken in the cities but no mention of contrary records being set everywhere else in the affected countries.

  2. Andy DC permalink
    December 23, 2015 11:03 pm

    I guess you guys in the UK had a taste of an old fashioned winter back in November/December 2010. It was probably uncomfortable, but don’t sense it was any great catastrophe.

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